UK Nonlinear News, August 2000

Qualitative Properties of Dissipative PDEs

Friday 19th May 2000

Michele Bartuccelli and Stephen Gourley

The one-day workshop was held at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Surrey, and organised by Dr Michele Bartuccelli and Dr Stephen Gourley. The central theme of the Workshop was the analysis and qualitative properties of dissipative partial differential equations in fluid mechanics, biology and physics. The topics addressed included stability, pattern formation, length scales, spatial dynamics, blow-up and turbulence.

The Workshop was successful and attracted 28 participants from the UK as well as from the USA, and included six invited speakers shown below:

John Elgin Imperial College
Chaotic behaviour of solutions to the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
Des Evans Cardiff
Fractals, trees and the Neumann Laplacian
Victor Galaktionov Bath
Majorising operators and higher-order semilinear parabolic equations
John Shebalin NASA
Some Qualitative Aspects of the Equations of Turbulence
Brian Straughan Glasgow
Unconditional Nonlinear Stability in Temperature - Dependent Viscosity Flow in a Porous Medium
John Gibbon Imperial College
A study of singularity formation in a class of 3D Euler and Navier-Stokes flows

As one can see from the titles of the talks, the Workshop brought together researchers with an array of backgrounds, to discuss issues that are at the forefront of a current research area that is growing in importance in the UK.

The Workshop was supported by a grant from the London Mathematical Society.

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