UK Nonlinear News, August 2000

Wrapup of Nonlinear Analysis:2000

Mary Pugh

May 28 - June 2 2000, the Courant Institute of New York University hosted an international conference for young researchers in nonlinear analysis and its applications. The program and abstracts continue to be online:

The conference was widely advertised and had several participants from the United Kingdom. The spirit of the conference was unusual: it was dedicated to new researchers (PhD's in the 1990's, as well as graduate students). Also, the format of the conference was unusual: poster sessions and 15-minute talks. About two thirds of the presentations were in the poster sessions. The poster sessions were extremely successful as a result; they were not intended to be or perceived as marginal. Another surprising aspect of the conference was the universal popularity of the three talks by experimentalists.

The invitation procedure was done through a careful refereeing process of applications received through the web-site. The good thing about this was that the scientific committee invited participants they otherwise might not have known about. Unfortunately, there were nearly 600 applications for about 150 seats. However, it is our hope that there will be more conferences in the spirit of this one.

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