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Harvinder Sidhu's regular column

Harvinder Sidhu research interests are in combustion, in particular analysing reactions in chemical reactors within a dynamical systems framework. He is currently a member of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Australian Defence Force Academy. He writes a column covering nonlinear science in Australia.

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The Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematics Society (AustMS2000)

Harvinder's picture The 44th meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society took place at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia from the 2nd to 5th of July this year. It was organised by members of staff from the Mathematics Department of the University of Queensland and attracted approximately 100 talks which were primarily divided into the following special sessions:

There were eight plenary speakers and a public lecture presented by Professor Gerard Milburn (University of Queensland) who gave a thought provoking talk entitled ``Quantum computation... not the next step but a whole new journey''.

The session that interested me most was Mathematics of Combustion. The following seven talks were presented during this special session:

T.R. Marchant University of Wollongong, Australia.
Semi-analytical solutions describing cubic autocatalytic reaction-diffusion equations.
G.N. Mercer University College, Australian Defence Force Academy.
Twin flame extinction.
M.I. Nelson University College, Australian Defence Force Academy.
Heterogeneously catalysed combustion in a continuously stirred tank reactor.
W.I. Reed University of Victoria, Canada.
Reconstructing forest-fire history from stand-age data.
M.J. Sexton University of Sydney, Australia.
The burning question: value adding and loss prevention for bagasse piles.
H.S. Sidhu University College, Australian Defence Force Academy.
Nonlinear behaviour in combustion: investigation of exothermic reactions in two types of reactors.
J.E.J. Staggs University of Leeds, United Kingdom.
Ignition of char-forming polymers at a critical mass flux.

Overall the meeting was a huge success. The organising committee must be commended for the success of this conference. Next year the meeting will be held at the Australian National University in Canberra.

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