UK Nonlinear News, May 2000

UKIE Siam Section Election results

The votes for the position of Section Secretary and Treasurer were cast as follows:

Peter is hereby elected. His term of office will run from 1/4/2000 until 31/3/2002

Source: David Silvester

Matlab package for bifurcation analysis of DDEs

Koen Engelborghs has written DDE-BIFTOOL, a Matlab package for numerical bifurcation analysis of delay differential equations, as part of his PhD. The package allows the computation, continuation and stability analysis of steady state solutions, their Hopf and fold bifurcations and periodic solutions. Stability analysis of steady state solutions is achieved through computing approximations and corrections to the rightmost characteristic roots. Periodic solutions and their Floquet multipliers are computed using piecewise polynomial collocation on adapted meshes. The package is freely available for scientific use. A user manual and instructions on obtaining the package can be found at

Source: Koen Engelborghs

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