UK Nonlinear News, Sept. 1995

Recent Developments in Time Series and Chaos

A workshop in conjunction with the Sydney International Statistical Congress

Sydney, Australia, 4-6 July 1996

This workshop is an official satellite event of the main congress, which follows on July 8-12. The workshop is intended to provide a forum for exchange of recent research in time series, especially non-linear time series, long range dependence, non-stationary time series generally, non-parametric methods and chaotic dynamical systems. There will be papers given by about ten invited speakers with prominent international reputations, as well as the opportunity for invited papers to be presented. Publication of the proceedings in a main-stream journal is being explored.

Further details will appear in due course, and can be accessed on the World Wide Web via the site
which also contains details of the main congress.

Contact: Dr Rodney Wolff (
(Queensland University of Technology)

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