UK Nonlinear News, Sept. 1995

Newton Programme: Update

The following workshops are planned as part of the Newton Institute programme `From Finite to Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems' (outlined in UK Nonlinear News Issue 1). This information is reproduced from the Newton WWW site, which has recently been updated and improved.

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9-13 Oct: Organiser - Titi
Inertial Manifolds, Approx Inertial Manifolds and NL Galerkin Methods
16-20 Oct: Organiser - Procaccia
Scaling phenomena in nonlinear physics
23-27 Oct: Organiser - Fife, Glendinning, Hale, Rand
Pattern Dynamics
30-3 Nov: Organiser - Chillingworth
Dynamics and Symmetry
Sat Nov 11th: LMS Spitalfields day: A Dynamical Systems Approach to PDEs
16-17 Nov: Organisers - Doole, Hogan
Piecewise linear PDEs
27-1 Dec: Organisers - Rand + others
Current Issues and Controversies in Biological Dynamics
4-5 Dec: Organiser - D R Moore
ODE methods for PDEs
6-9 Dec: Organisers - Proctor, Rucklidge, Weiss
PDEs and low order models

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