UK Nonlinear News, Sept. 1995

Basic Research Institute in the Mathematical Sciences

The Basic Research Institute in the Mathematical Sciences (BRIMS) was set up by Hewlett-Packard in 1994 as part of an initiative to widen the Company's research base. BRIMS is located in Bristol, England and is attached to Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol, the European arm of the Company's corporate research structure.

BRIMS consists of a core of resident researchers who undertake their own research programmes. Resources are provided for them to travel, invite visitors, organise meetings, and work with research students and postdoctoral assistants. While individuals are encouraged to pursue their own interests, the areas on which BRIMS chooses to focus are of long term importance to the Company's business needs. Current areas of focus include:

To encourage a close relationship with academia, BRIMS has been set up as a joint undertaking with the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge. To foster the association, the post of Hewlett-Packard Senior Research Fellow has been set up at the Newton Institute. Colin Sparrow, of Cambridge University's Statistical Laboratory, is the first holder of this post.

BRIMS also enjoys a close relationship with Bristol University and is in the process of being granted affiliated status by the University. Two of the resident researchers at BRIMS hold joint appointments with the Department of Mathematics.

BRIMS was inaugurated at a ceremony at the Newton Institute on Tuesday, 11 October 1994. The event prompted a News and Views article in Nature, volume 371, 20 October 1994, entitled "Hewlett and Packard boost support for basic research".

Further information about BRIMS is available on the World Wide Web at URL: or by contacting the Scientific Director:

Jeremy Gunawardena             |  Tel: +44 (0)117 922 8216
BRIMS, Hewlett-Packard Labs    |  Fax: ---------- 922 9190
Filton Road, Stoke Gifford     |  Elm:
Bristol BS12 6QZ, UK.

BRIMS will be co-sponsoring a five day workshop (20-24 November) at the Newton Institute in Cambridge, on New Connections between Mathematics and Computer Science. For details, see the forthcoming meetings section of this UK Nonlinear News.

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