UK Nonlinear News, Sept. 1995

Appointments News


CHRIS BUDD has been appointed Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Bath, with effect from September 1st. He has volunteered to write an article from about applied nonlinear analysis at Bath, which we hope to include in the next issue of UK Nonlinear News


PAUL GLENDINNING has been appointed Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Queen Mary and Westfield College.


DAVID BROOMHEAD has been appointed Professor of Applied Mathematics at UMIST, from 1st September.


Recent nonlinear appointments at Lancaster:

Dr DMITRII LUCHINSKY as Research Associate for 2.5 years from 1 July 1995, while on leave from his permanent position in the All-Russian Research Institute for Metrological Service in Moscow, where he is a Senior Scientific Researcher. His main research interests include nonlinear optics and fluctuational and critical phenomena in nonlinear dynamical systems. Over the next couple of years, he will be investigating phenomena in which random fluctuations (noise) play a creative role.

Dr SLAVA SOSKIN as EPSRC Visiting Research Fellow, until October 1995, from the Research Institute for Semiconductor Physics in Kiev. His main interests relate to the theory of zero-dispersion phenomena in underdamped nonlinear oscillators - a topic of growing interest in which he has been the pioneer. The theory is being tested against analogue electronic experiments in Lancaster.

Dr NORMAN STEIN as Senior Research Associate for two years from 1 August 1995. He has previously studied/worked in Cambridge (BA and Part III Maths), Rolls Royce, CEGB, Manchester (PhD), Harwell, and Lancaster. His research interests include statistical physics, particularly noise-driven nonlinear systems, and Rayleigh-Benard convection. His main project over the next two years will be the nonlinear dynamics of stochastic ratchets, a new Lancaster/Manchester collaboration.

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