UK Nonlinear News, February 2000

Change of address for Professor S.M. Verduyn Lunel

Professor Lunel's new email address is:

European Mathematics Society: The Felix Klien Prize

The prize, established in 1999 by the EMS and the endowing organization, the Institute for Industrial Mathematics in Kaiserslautern, is awarded to a young scientist or a small group of young scientists (normally under the age of 38) for using sophisticated methods to give an outstanding solution, which meets with the complete satisfaction of industry, to a concrete and difficult industrial problem.

It will be awarded for the first time at the EMS Congress in Barcelona 10 -14 July, 2000.

There is no restriction for the winner to be European.

The call for nomination is given on the web:

The deaddline for submission is March 1st 2000.

Source: Rolf Jeltsch (


Postdoctoral appointment for David Schley

Dr David Schley was officially appointed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the BioMaths group of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics on Monday 24th January, and started work on the Tuesday. He will be working with Dr Martin Bees on an EPSRC supported project on the construction and analysis of spatial models for beetle-nematode slug-biocontrol. The project will also involve close collaboration with experimentalists at the IARC-Long Ashton Research Station (agriculture) near Bristol, and with industrialists at MicroBio LtD who are the only producers and suppliers of nematodes in Europe.

Source: Martin Bees

Hinke Osinga appointed to a lectureship at Exeter

In the beginning of this new millennium Hinke Osinga has taken up her appointment as Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at the University of Exeter. Hinke's research interests are in nonlinear dynamics; inparticular, development of software for computing invariant manifolds, with applications to power system networks, quasiperiodically forced systems, and (optimal) control theory. Hinke received her PhD in 1996 at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She has held research fellowships at the Geometry Center in Minneapolis and subsequently at Caltech in Pasadena. For more information, and for cool animations, see her homepage.

Source: Hinke Osinga


Visit of Dr Yu Fedorov to Leeds (March-April 2000)

Dr Yu. Fedorov from Moscow Lomonosov University will visit the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds, for one month, mid March - mid April 2000. He works in the classical area of integrable spinning tops and is a co-author of a recent book on this subject [Yu. Fedorov and V.V. Kozlov, A Memoir on Integrable Systems, Springer Mathematical Monographs, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2000]. Dr Fedorov will give several talks on the subject of his expertise and will be involved in research activities of the Leeds Integrable Systems group, mainly within the subject of integrable time-discretisations of classical tops. This visit is supported by a research grant from the Royal Society. Further details of the visit can be obtained from Vadim Kuznetsov at the address below.

Source: Vadim Kuznetsov.

Visit of Professor Evgueni Sklyanin to Leeds (April-June 2000)

Professor E. Sklyanin from Steklov Mathematical Institute in St.Petersburg will visit the Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Leeds, for three months in April-June 2000. Professor Sklyanin works mainly in the area of integrable systems, where he is a recognised expert, but he is also well-known to several mathematical communities, in algebra, analysis, mathematical physics and representation theory, through his pioneering contributions to those fields. During this visit, Professor Sklyanin will give a set of lectures in Integrable Systems seminar in Leeds, concentrating on the fast-growing subject of Backlund transformations and integrable time-discretisations for finite-dimensional integrable systems. This visit is supported by the Royal Society. To obtain further details of Professor Sklyanin's schedule and lecture series contact Vadim Kuznetsov at the address below.

Source: Vadim Kuznetsov.

Visit of Professor Aneta Stefanovska to Lancaster (April - October 2000)

Professor Aneta Stefanovska from the University of Ljubljana will be visiting the nonlinear group in Lancaster Physics Department for 6 months from 1 April 2000, by courtesy of the Royal Society. She will participate in a joint project attempting to model the human cardiovascular system in terms of coupled nonlinear oscillators, building on recent physiological measurements made by her and her research group in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana.

Source: Peter McClintock

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