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Article Beyond Simulation - Computing Chaotic Dynamics

In Siam News 32(8), October 1999, pages 6-7, John Guckenheimer discusses some of his experiences, expresses some opinions, and speculates on research trends. His article is based around five examples from his research career.

  1. Genericity in Experiment and Computation.
  2. Qualitative Phenomena Can Be Small.
  3. Data Fitting Qualitative Dynamics.
  4. Computing Hopf Bifurcations.
  5. Computing Periodic Orbits.

John Guckenheimer has written a similar article called Computer Simulation and Beyond --- for the 21st Century for the American Mathematical Society.

Article: Aperiodic Dynamical Systems

Krystyna Kuperberg discusses the analysis of dynamical flows based on recent techniques of inserting plugs and twisted plugs in them. This article is based on her AWM Emmy Noether Lecture given at the Joint Meetings in San Antonio in January 1999.

Notices of the American Mathematical Society, Volume 46, Number 9, October 1999, pages 1035-1040.

Millenium Issues of Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

To mark the new Millennium, the Editor will produce three special volumes in which leading young scientists have been invited to review their field of work and to speculate about new developments that might emerge in the next Millennium. All articles are timely, topical, and will provide an unrivalled overview of current issues in the physical sciences.

One volume will be published in December 1999 and two in January 2000.

These special volumes will be illustrated with diagrams and photographs and will celebrate the journal's longevity whilst providing a unique snapshot of the future.

A theme issue entitled Combustion science at the end of the millennium has also been published separately.

Source: JMT Thompson

New Journal: International Journal of Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation (Update and job opening for copy editor)

This new journal described in issue 18 of UK Nonlinear News was launched January 2000 by Dr Ji-Huan HE of Shanghai University. Scope, editorial board, subscription information and instructions for authors are available on

The International Journal of Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation seeks a native English speaking copy editor for piece work. Contact Dr. He via

Source: Robert MacKay

Newsletter: Complexity Digest

Dean Le Baron, Trustee of the Santa Fe Institute, has provided funds to produce an electronic weekly newsletter, the Complexity Digest (ComDig) for free. ComDig informs about current development in areas related to complexity. Short summaries of recent publications for distribution in the newsletter are encouraged.

ComDig is archived on the web at (still under development) with a mirror at

Source: Gottfried J. Mayer

Dynamic Notes Volume 1999.03

The SIAM Activity Group on Dynamical Systems released Dynamica Notes Volume 1999.03 on 15th December. For more details send email to

NONLINEARITY Contents list: Volume 13(1), January 2000

Pages: C1--4, 1--322

C1 A E Hansen and P Tabeling
  Coherent structures in two-dimensional decaying turbulence
1 J-P Eckmann, E Järvenpää and M Järvenpää
  Porosities and dimensions of measures
19 P Axelsson
  Nonlinear wave interactions for ideal MHD plasmas
29 T Ahn
  Stable multisite periodic orbits in networks of weakly coupled bistable oscillators
43 J Olwoch and D J Needham
  Diffusion-driven blow-up in a reaction--diffusion model for n(>=1)th-order autocatalysis
77 T Kapitula and J Rubin
  Existence and stability of standing hole solutions to complex Ginzburg--Landau equations
113 R Sturman and J Stark
  Semi-uniform ergodic theorems and applications to forced systems
145 S M Booker
  A family of optimal excitations for inducing complex dynamics in planar dynamical systems
165 A Kameyama
  Julia sets of postcritically finite rational maps and topological self-similar sets
189 D Huang and Z Liu
  On the persistence of lower-dimensional invariant hyperbolic tori for smooth Hamiltonian systems
203 H R Dullin, J D Meiss and D Sterling
  Generic twistless bifurcations
225 N Berglund
  Control of dynamic Hopf bifurcations
249 J Duchon and R Robert
  Inertial energy dissipation for weak solutions of incompressible Euler and Navier--Stokes equations
257 R S MacKay, S Slijepcevic and J Stark
  Optimal scheduling in a periodic environmen
299 Z-j Shang
  Resonant and Diophantine step sizes in computing invariant tori of Hamiltonian systems
309 D Bosio and F Vivaldi
  Round-off errors and p-adic numbers

Obituary Michael James Lighthill (1924-1998)

Obituaries of James Lighthill written by David G. Crighton and R.J. Pedley appeared in Notices of the American Mathematical Society Volume 46, Number 10, November 1999, pages 1226-1229. The former is reprinted from The Independent, where it appeared on July 22 1998, and the latter from Mathematics Today, Volume 34, Number 6. An expanded version of the Pedley article can be found on the web at

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