Second Meeting of the Skew-Products Scheme 3 Network

Matthew Nicol

The second meeting of the Skew-Products Scheme 3 Network, supported generously by the LMS, was organised by Professor David Arrowsmith and took place on January 18th, 2000 at QMW. This network consists of the universities of Manchester,UMIST, Surrey, Warwick, UCL and QMW. There were three interesting talks and the meeting was well-attended with 16 participants, of whom 6 were PhD students. Wolfram Just (QMW) spoke on "On Ising-like Phase Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices", Raul Mondragon (QMW), gave a talk on "Intermittency Maps and Modelling of Packet Traffic " and Gunter Ochs (Bremen), gave an expository talk on "Attractors for random dynamical systems".

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