UK Nonlinear News, November 1999

New seminar series at Loughborough

There is now a weekly dynamics seminar on Thursday afternoons at Loughborough. These seminars are intended to be pedagogical in nature, at a level suitable for beginning postgraduate student. All are welcome.

Organiser: Andy Osbaldestin.

Web page:

Source: Andy Osbaldestin


Postdoctoral Appointments for Ricardo Carretero and Alexandra Chavez-Ross

Ricardo Carretero has been appointed to a two year postdoctoral position at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. He is working with Professor Bob Russell and Keith Promislow on the interaction of soliton chains in the Nonlinear Schroedinger equation. This work is partially funded by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS).

Alexandra Chavez-Ross is now at the Mathematics Department, University of British Columbia,  Vancouver, Canada. She is working with Leah Keshet and Robert Miura on biological modelling targeted at investigating normal and disease processes in physiology at the cellular and system levels, in particular, the modelling of Alzheimer's disease. This work is partially funded by the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS).

Source: Ricardo Carretero

Six new appointments at Loughborough

There have been six new appointments to lectureships in the Mathematical Sciences Department at Loughborough. Of particular interest to the nonlinear dynamics community wil be the arrival of Holger Dullin and Markus Owen. Holger joins us from Boulder, Colorado and has many interests including Hamiltonian dynamics and semiclassical quantum mechanics. Markus joins us from the University of Utah, and works in mathematical biology.

Holger Dullin:, web page to follow!

Markus Owen:,

Other arrivals (fields of interest) are Jenya Ferapontov (Geometry and Integrable Systems), Yunkang Liu (Numerical Analysis), Sasha Pushnitski (Spectral Theory), and Huaizhong Zhao (Stochastic PDEs).

Source: Andy Osbaldestin

David Kay appointed to a lectureship at Sussex

It's a great pleasure to announce that Dr David A. Kay will join the Centre for Mathematical Analysis at the University of Sussex as a Lecturer in Applied Maths on 1st December 1999. David gained a BSc in mathematics from Leicester, followed by a PhD there in 1997 supervised by Mark Ainsworth, now a professor at Strathclyde. His thesis title was "The p- and hp-finite element method applied to a class of non-linear elliptic partial differential equations". He has held a postdoc position at UMIST and currently is an EPSRC research assistant at the Oxford University Computing Lab. He is currently working on the preconditioning of the three-dimensional time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations.

Source: Tony Humphries (

New appointments at UMIST

Recently there have been two new appointments of lecturers in Applied Mathematics at UMIST: Dr Bill Lionheart (nonlinear inverse problems) and Dr Joel Daou (combustion).

From January 2000 Paul Glendinning (currently Professor of Applied Mathematics at Queen Mary and Westfield) will move to a chair in Applied Mathematics at UMIST. His new address will be Department of Mathematics, UMIST, P.O.Box 88, Manchester M60 1QD, email

Sources: Professor Dave Broomhead and Paul A. Glendinning (


Visit of Paul Bressloff to Chicago

Following the award of a Leverhulme Fellowship, Paul Bressloff (Maths, Loughborough) is currently a Visiting Professor at the Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago.

Source: Andy Osbaldestin

Visit of Dr Jiazhong Yang to Imperial College (November 1999-January 2000).

Dr Jiazhong Yang (Beijing) will be visiting Dr Jeroen Lamb at the Department of Mathematics of Imperial College (London) from 1 November 1999 until 31 January 2000. Dr Yang works on normal form theory for ODEs, with special interest in Hamiltonian and reversible systems.

Source: Jeroen Lamb.

Visit of Professor Erik S Van Vleck to Sussex (January-June 2000)

I am pleased to announce that Prof Erik S Van Vleck (Colorado School of Mines) will be visiting the Centre for Mathematical Analysis at the University of Sussex for 6 months from January 2000 as an EPSRC funded Visiting Fellow.

The primary purpose of the visit is to develop a Functional Differential Equation solver suitable for the Computation of Travelling Waves in Lattice Dynamical Systems. However Prof Van Vleck also has interests in other areas of nonlinear mathematics, particularly shadowing. He hopes to visit a number of UK universities during his stay.

Source: Tony Humphries (

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