UK Nonlinear News, 17 August 1999.

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Stochastic and Chaotic Dynamics

Ambleside (16-20 August 1999)

A final update about the Ambleside conference on stochastic and chaotic dynamics.

Source: Peter McClintock.

2nd Workshop on Time-Reversal Symmetry in Dynamical Systems

Imperial College (London) (1-3 December 1999)

(On Wednesday 1 December the meeting will coincide with the London Dynamics Seminar and a meeting of the Southeastern Bifurcation Theory Group).

The 2nd workshop is a small scale follow-up of the 1st Workshop organised in December 1996 at Warwick (see Physica D 112 for its proceedings), and will deal with various aspects of time-reversal symmetry in dynamical systems, in Hamiltonian and in non-Hamiltonian systems. The main aim is to review recent developments in the field, including bifurcation theory for reversible equivariant (Hamiltonian) systems, reversible homoclinic orbits, reversible heteroclinic cycles, normal form theory, etc.

Invited speakers
Richard Cushman Utrecht, Netherlands
Igor Hoveijn Groningen, Netherlands
Eric Lombardi Nice, France
James Montaldi Nice, France
John Roberts Melbourne, Australia
Mark Roberts Warwick, UK
Andre Vanderbauwhede Gent, Belgium
Claudia Wulff Berlin, Germany
Jiazhong Yang Beijing, China

(most of them confirmed) Furthermore, we anticipate the participation and contributions of many other active researchers in the field.

Funding to support the attendance of participants is pending, but will be very limited. Please contact me in case funding is playing a key-role in deciding your attendance, or if you have any other questions. e-mail:

Updates on details concerning the workshop will posted at

If you are interested in attending, please pre-register by sending e-mail to Please also indicate whether you would like to present a talk (including tentative title).

Source: Jeroen Lamb (

BAMC 2000

25-28th April 2000, Manchester

The British Applied Mathematics Colloquium at the end of the millennium will be held in Manchester, from 25th to 28th April.

Plenary lecturers
P. Drazin
J. Buckmaster
J. Keating
H. Keller
S. Reid
J. Yorke

Dynamical Systems
Financial Mathematics
Solid Mechanics
Granular Flow
Numerical Analysis
Mathematical Biology
Rotational Flow
Inverse Problems,

Details are available at

Please send email enquiries to the conference address

Source: John Dold (

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