UK Nonlinear News, August 1999

Symmetries and bifurcations

14th May 1999, University of Southampton

By David Chillingworth

The first meeting of the Southeastern Bifurcation Group attracted 13 participants, and the topics ranged from the highly algebraic through geometric to waves and finally rocks (geological buckling). Talks were given by

Jacques FurterBrunel
Equivariant bifurcation and vector fields tangent to invariant discriminants
David ChillingworthSouthampton
Symmetric bifurcation from a 2-manifold
Reiner LauterbachHamburg
Remarks on genericity for equivariant PDEs
Anne SkeldonCity
Pattern selection in parametrically excited water waves
Giles HuntBath
Maxwell bifurcation criterion in kink banding and related buckling problems

This series of meetings is supported by the London Mathematical Society under Scheme 3.

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