UK Nonlinear News, August 1999

Bifurcations: analysis, numerical methods and software

By Willy Govaerts

The workshop on Bifurcations: analysis, numerical methods and software was organized in Gent (Belgium) on 24 and 25 June with the aim to foster interaction between analysts, numerical analysts and software developers interested in bifurcation methods. Organizers were W. Govaerts (Gent,B), D. Roose (Leuven,B) and A. Vanderbauwhede (Gent,B).

It was an informal meeting of experts, PhD students and postdocs with about 30 participants from many countries, including Germany, the United States and Russia. It was an occasion for friends to meet as well as to see new faces and to discuss plans for the future. Full details on the workshop are available on the web:

Invited talks were given by

Several short contributions were also given but the program was kept light to allow time for discussions and informal talks. Most participants stayed in a hotel at walking distance from the station and the conference building and they met also during breakfast, lunch and evening walks.

On Thursday evening a discussion session and software demonstrations were organized. In the evening we met for a workshop dinner in the old city of Gent between the belfry tower and the cathedral.

It was generally felt that this is a good formula and should be repeated next year, possibly in a different place.

Willy Govaerts (

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