UK Nonlinear News, May 1999


Michael Small appointed as a research-associate at Heriot-Watt

Michael Small has recently taken up a Research Associate post in the Nonlinear Dynamics Group of the Physics Department at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. His current research involves application of nonlinear dynamics to the analysis of ventricular fibrillation. After completing his PhD Michael worked as a research associate on nonlinear modelling at the University of Western Australia and nonlinear analysis of financial timeseries for a South African bank.

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Jan Kristensen and Andrew White appointed to lectureships at Heriot-Watt

Dr Jan Kristensen and Dr Andrew White have both been appointed to permanent lectureships in the Department of Mathematics at Heriot-Watt University. Jan Kristensen is currently a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Oxford, and works on quasi-convexity, lower semi-continuity and Young measures. Andrew White is currently a scientific officer at the Institute for Terrestrial Ecology in Penicuik, and works on nonlinear differential equation models for the dynamics of ecological communities.

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Two new readers in dynamical systems at the University of Surrey

Peter Ashwin has been promoted to a Readership in Mathematics at the University with effect from 1 April 1999. Peter was previously a Lecturer in Mathematics at Surrey. His areas of research in dynamical systems include symmetric chaos, skew product flows, coupled oscillator dynamics, synchronisation, intermittency and blowout bifurcation, and random dynamical systems, with applications to lasers, electronic circuits and magnetohydrodynamics. Matthew Nicol has been appointed to the open Readership in Mathematics at the University. Matt is currently a Lecturer in Mathematics at UMIST. His areas of research in dynamical systems include bernoulli dynamical systems, symmetric attractors, ergodic theory, geometry of noncompact group extensions, and the dynamics of skew products and iterated function systems. Matt will start the new position on 15th July 1999.

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Several new appointments at the University of Warwick

The Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick is pleased to announce several new appointments and to welcome Dr. Claude Baesens, Professor Robert MacKay and Professor Andrew Stuart as new colleagues for the coming academic year.

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Two new research fellows at the University of Aberdeen

Drs Jerzy Wojewoda and Anton Krivtsov appointed Research Fellows in Dynamics at University of Aberdeen. Dr Jerzy Wojewoda from the Division of Dynamics, Technical University of Lodz (Poland) has been recently appointed as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the Department of Engineering at The University of Aberdeen to work on enhanced resonance drilling. The project is sponsored by the Centre for Marine Petroleum Technology. He will look at the experimental aspects of this highly nonlinear process under ultrasonic excitation. In January 1999, Dr Anton M Krivtsov from Department of Theoretical Mechanics, St.-Petersburg State Technical University (Russia) has jointed the Department of Engineering as a NATO/RSL postdoctoral research fellow. Anton is an theoretical dynamicist and is involved in mathematical modelling of the nonlinear dynamic interactions occurring in percussive drilling of hard rock formations. His investigations are also focused on the dynamic crack propagation. The projects stimulated by the Oil and Gas industry are complimentary and are intended to develop a novel downhole drilling technique offering a significant increase in drilling rates and reduction of drilling forces. Both researchers will be working closely with Dr. M. Wiercigroch, who leads the Nonlinear Dynamics Research Group at Aberdeen University.

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Visitors to the Nonlinear Centre, DAMPT, Cambridge

M. Bialy Tel Aviv, Israel until 22 Aug
Y. Aizawa Waseda Tokyo, Japan until 31 May
C. Holmes Queensland, Australia until 13 July
P. Boyland Florida, USA 5 May - 3 July

Source: Robert S. MacKay.

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