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LMS Southeastern Bifurcation Meetings (first meting) Symmetries and bifurcations

Department of Mathematics, University of Southampton (14 May 1999)

11:00 COFFEE
11:15 Jacques Furter (Brunel)
  Equivariant bifurcation and vector fields tangent to invariant discriminants.
12:00 David Chillingworth (Southampton)
  Symmetric bifurcation from a 2-manifold
14:15 Reiner Lauterbach (Hamburg)
  Remarks on genericity for equivariant PDEs
15:00 Anne Skeldon (City)
  Pattern selection in parametrically excited water waves
6:15 Giles Hunt (Bath)
  Maxwell bifurcation criterion in kink banding and related buckling problems.

David Chillingworth (
telephone 01703 593677
fax 01703 595147

Information about the University of Southampton and its environs (including campus maps etc) can be found at:

This series of meetings is supported by the London Mathematical Society under Scheme 3.

Source: David Chillingworth (

Second London Dynamics seminar

School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London (11 May 1999)

The second London Dynamics Seminar will be held at the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary and Westfield College on 11 May 1999. Seminars will be in the Mathematics Seminar Room (M103) with tea next door in the Common Room. ALL WELCOME.

14:30 Mark Shereshevsky Nizhnii Novgorod
  To be confirmed
15:30 TEA  
15:50 Rob Sturman UCL
  Quasi-periodically forced systems and invariant graphs
16.30 Vincent Hakim ENS, Paris
  Weak synchronisation and fast collective oscillations in networks of model neurons with low firing rates

After the talks we will go to local pubs and restaurants.

For further details contact Prof Glendinning.

The third London Dynamics Seminar will be held at Imperial College at some time between October and December 1999 (organiser: Prof John Elgin,

Paul Glendinning Telephone: 0171 975 5448
School of Mathematical Sciences Fax: 0181 981 9587
Queen Mary and Westfield College Email:
London E1 4NS  

Source: Paul A. Glendinning (

Third Tuxedo Day 98/99

Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick (7 June 1999)

The United Kingdom Spatially Extended Dynamics Organisation (TUXEDO) will hold its third meeting for the year at the Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, on Monday 7 June, from 1-6pm. The programme will be available on when finalised. All are welcome to attend, especially PhD students, and some of the talks will be by PhD students. There is some LMS funding for travel expenses of participants from Surrey, QMW, UCL and Cambridge, and the University of Warwick might be able to contribute to some others' expenses.

Source: Robert S. MacKay.

Workshop on Skew-Products and Synchronisation of Coupled Systems

University of Surrey (12-13 July 1999)

There will be a workshop to examine the theory of Skew-Product systems and applications to synchronisation and other effects in coupled nonlinear dynamical systems. This two-day workshop is partially supported by the LMS through the scheme 3 grants Skew product dynamics and Southeastern bifurcations, and by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Non-linear Mathematics at Surrey.

A tentative schedule for the workshop is as follows:

Monday 12th July 1999
12:00-1:30 Lunch at Wates House
1:30-2:25 George Sell (Minnesota)
2:30-3:10 Paul Glendinning (QMW London)
3:15-4:15 Tea break
4:15-4:55 Florian Wagener (Warwick)
5:00-5:25 Giovanni Santoboni (UCL London)
5:45 Wine reception followed by evening meal in Guildford.
Tuesday 13th July 1999
9:30-10:10 Gian Italo Bischi (Urbino)
10:15-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-11:40 E. Knobloch (Berkeley)
11:45-12:25 Greg van Wiggeren (Atlanta)
  Communication using high-speed optical systems
12:30-2:00 Lunch at Wates House
2:00-2:35 Irene Moroz (Oxford)
  Synchronised Chaos in Coupled Double Disk Homopolar Dynamos.
2:40-3:35 George Sell (Minnesota)
3:40-4:20 Tea break
4:20-4:55 Ana Dias (Porto/Warwick)
  Hilbert Series for Equivariant Mappings Restricted to Invariant Hyperplanes

End of workshop approximately 5:00 (This timetable is for guidance only and is likely to be subject to changes).

If you are interested in attending, please can you fill out the form below and return to or as soon as possible. There will be time available for informal discussions and a number of slots available for contributed talks over the two days; if you would be interested in contributing a talk, please let us know as soon as possible. More details of the workshop will be made available in due course on .

Name: Address: Email: Telephone: I will be attending the workshop on 12th July ( ) 13th July ( ) I will need overnight accommodation on campus for night of 11th-12th July ( ) 12th-13th July ( ) 13th-14th July ( ) (There is on campus accommodation available at approximately 30 GBP per night including breakfast. One night will be covered for speakers and those on the LMS Scheme 3 research groups.) I would like to contribute a talk. ( ) Title: ( ) I would be interested in joining a group going to a local restaurant on evening of July 12th. ( ) I would appreciate a contribution to travel expenses. ( ) (Please estimate the travel expenses if appropriate. We have limited resources that will be used preferentially for LMS Scheme 3 members.)

Source: John R. Terry (

Computational Dynamics Workshop

Oxford (19-21 July 1999)

J. Guckenheimer (Cornell), R.S. MacKay (Cambridge)

As part of a Foundations of Computational Mathematics conference 18-28 July, this workshop will highlight recent developments in numerical methods for dynamical systems and results in the theory of dynamical systems arising from the use of computers. Invited speakers expected include: A. Stuart, R. McLachlan, S. Shkoller, K. Mischaikow, L. Dieci, B. Fiedler, D. Barkley, W. Tucker, A. Osbaldestin, H. Osinga, W. Govaerts, K. Lust and .P Wittwer. Details will be posted on To register to attend, see There will be time for some contributed talks, so if you would like to present one, e-mail a request to and/or with a title and abstract.

Source: Robert S. MacKay.


Islay, Scotland (19-24 July 1999)

Chris Athorne, Chris Eilbeck, Claire Gilson, Jon Nimmo

A workshop on Integrable Systems: Linear And Nonlinear Dynamics will be held on the Scottish island of Islay (pronounced ``eye-lah'') between the 19th and 24th of July 1999. The main focus of the meeting will be on Darboux transformations, the bilinear method and especially the interplay between them, but contributions in related areas will also be welcome. Because of the limited hotel accommodation on the island, the number of participants is restricted to 50. The workshop will be held at the Machrie Hotel near Port Ellen. All accommodation is at the hotel, some in the hotel building itself and others in self-contained chalets each holding 2 to 4 people. Accommodation for accompanying guests can also be arranged.

Islay has a small airport with flights (Loganair) from Glasgow. Participants may fly directly to Islay on Monday 19th (there are no flights on Sunday) or take a coach and ferry transfer from Glasgow (4--5 hours). The cost will be 280 including 5 nights accommodation and all meals at the hotel, plus 50 registration fee. Some support for UK graduate students is available.

Islay is famous for its range of distinctive malt whiskies from the ''peaty'', such as Laphroaig and Lagavulin, to the lighter tastes of Bruichladdich and Caol Ila, as well as for its secluded and peaceful location. During the course of the workshop participants will have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of both. We hope you will join us in this attractive venue.

If you are interested in attending, please fill in a registration form (available form the organisers) and send or fax it to the address given below, or fill in the same form online at the website. In addition, a (non-refundable) deposit of 75 (pounds sterling) should be paid in order to reserve accommodation in the hotel.

Organisers: Chris Athorne, Chris Eilbeck, Claire Gilson, Jon Nimmo
January 1999

Postal address:
Department of Mathematics
University of Glasgow Glasgow G12 8QW, UK
Fax: +44 141 330 4111
Voice: +44 141 330 5176 (answerphone outside office hours)

Supported by:
Glasgow University, the London Mathematical Society, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society

Source: Chris Athorne.

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