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New Journal:Interfaces and Free Boundaries

Interfaces and Free Boundaries is dedicated to the mathematical modelling, analysis, and computation of interfaces and free boundary problems. The journal will be a forum where mathematical analysis, partial differential equations, modelling, scientific computing, and the various applications which involve mathematical modelling meet. Samples issues are available March 1999.

Article: The work of Curtis T. McMullen

Curtis T. McMullen is one of the four mathematicians awarded the 1998 Fields Medal. John Milnor has written a brief overview of his work, providing a sense of its scope and importance. Of interest to readers of UK Nonlinear News is his work in Julie sets and renormalisation.

Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 46, Number 1, January 1999, pages 23-26.

Obituary:Mary Cartwright (1900-1998)

A memorial article written by Shawnee McMurran and James Tattersall appeared in Notices of the American Mathematical Society 46(2): 214-220, 1999.

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