UK Nonlinear News, February 1999


London Mathematical Society Scheme 3 Grant: BIFURCATION AND SYMMETRY

By David Chillingworth

A programme of four meetings was held during 1998 as follows:

SYMMETRY AND DYNAMICS University of Southampton (organizer : David Chillingworth) 14 January

Speakers: Peter Ashwin (Surrey), Paul Glendinning (QMW), Reiner Lauterbach (Berlin), John Toland (Bath).
About 16 participants, including 3 research students.
The visit of Prof. Lauterbach was partly supported by a grant from the University of Southampton.

PATTERN FORMATION City University, London (organizer : Anne Skeldon) 17 June

Speakers: Doug Binks (Manchester), Raymond Hide (Oxford), Nick Hill (Leeds), Rebecca Hoyle (Cambridge), Peter Lucas (Manchester), Paul Matthews (Nottingham), Tom Mullin (Manchester).
About 33 participants, including 13 research students. This very well-attended meeting had a strong interdisciplinary flavour, with talks by experimentalists as well as theorists.

SYMMETRIC HAMILTONIAN SYSTEMS University of Warwick (organizer : Mark Roberts) 16-17 July

Speakers: Anthony Bloch (Michigan), Gianne Derks (Surrey), Igor Kozin (Warwick), Eugene Lerman (Illinois), Andrew Lewis (Warwick), Debra Lewis (UCSC), James Montaldi (Nice), Sergei Pekarsky (Caltech), Mark Roberts (Warwick), Dmitri Sadovskii (U. du Littoral), Esmeralda Sousa Dias
(Lisbon), Andre Vanderbauwhede (Gent).
About 24 participants, including several research students. The meeting was arranged to coincide with an active period of the 1998 Warwick Symposium on Symplectic Geometry, so that some speakers and participants were already in situ.

APPLICATIONS University of Nottingham (organizer : Paul Matthews) 16 September

Speakers: Peter Ashwin (Surrey), Philip Aston (Surrey), Paul Bressloff (Loughborough), Helen Byrne (Nottingham), Alastair Rucklidge (Cambridge).
About 17 participants, including 3 research students.

The amount of the grant was divided almost equally among the four meetings for travel and subsistence expenses, with some additional financial support generously provided by host institutions.

This programme of meetings has done much to foster a sense of identity among the community of UK researchers in dynamical systems and bifurcation theory with particular interests in symmetry and its implications, and to encourage interactions between pure and applied mathematicians and experimentalists.

We are grateful to the London Mathematical Society for making it possible, and are applying for a further grant in 1999 to enable us to look forward to further activities in this area.

For information contact:

David Chillingworth

Department of Mathematics
University of Southampton
Southampton SO17 1BJ

01703 593677 (msgs 593612)

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