UK Nonlinear News, 14 November 1998.

New Announcements

Travelling Fronts in Mathematical Biology

University of Surrey (4th December 1998)

A one-day workshop on Travelling Fronts in Mathematical Biology will be held at the University of Surrey on Friday 4th December, organised by Stephen Gourley and Tom Bridges. The Workshop is supported by grants from the London Mathematical Society and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Nonlinear Mathematics. The list of speakers will include:

The workshop will also be the first meeting of the 1998-1999 TUXEDO Programme. TUXEDO II is the second year of the UK Spatially Extended Dynamics Organisation, a consortium of research groups formed to enhance research on the dynamics of spatially extended systems in the UK, and supported by a travel grant from the LMS. The TUXEDO website is at

All interested participants are welcome and funds are available to help with travel and subsistence costs. Further information can be obtained by contacting the organizers and updated information, including abstracts of talks and directions to the university, will be posted on the web at

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Chaos and Fractals in Medicine

University of Warwick (15-16th December 1998)

On 15th and 16th December there will be a two day workshop on Chaos and Fractals in Medicine at the Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick. The meeting will bring mathematicians together with clinicians from a range of disciplines, in order to highlight the major mathematical and medical challenges raised by this new application of nonlinear mathematics.

Speakers include:

Sebastian Bonhoeffer (Zurich) Simon Cross (Sheffield)
Andrew Fowler (Oxford) Tudor Griffith (Cardiff)
Paul Goddard (Bristol) John Hogan (Bristol)
Gabriel Landini (Birmingham) Tim Pedley (Cambridge)
Jaroslav Stark (UCL)

Registration forms are available from:

Scientific questions should be addressed to: Jonathan Sherratt (

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18th Annual U.S. Dynamics Days Workshop

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA (6-9th January 1999)

The 18th Annual U.S. Dynamics Days Workshop will be held on January 6-9, 1999, at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. This year's workshop will highlight dynamical problems in industrial settings and will present recent results from studies of systems drawn from engineering, finance, biology, chemistry, mathematics (including computation) and physics. The conference website is located at:

Please bookmark this site; detailed conference information will appear there in the near future. We hope to see you in Atlanta in January!

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Research Program in TURBULENCE

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences (January to June 1999)

Organisers: G.F. Hewitt (Imperial College), P.A. Monkewitz (Lausanne), N. Sandham (QMW), J.C. Vassilicos (Cambridge)

Research Program in TURBULENCE
January 11th-12th, 1999 Symposium on Turbulent Systems: Problems and Opportunities
March 15th-19th, 1999 Symposium on Turbulence Structure
April 6th-17th, 1999 Instructional Conference: Closure Strategies for Modelling Turbulent and Transitional Flows
May 12th-14th, 1999 Joint INI/ERCOFTAC Workshop on Direct and Large-eddy Simulation
June 21st-24th, 1999 Symposium on Intermittency
June 29th-30th, 1999 Symposium on Future Strategies Towards Understanding and Prediction of Turbulent Systems

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UKIE section meeting

Imperial College, London (31st January 1999)

As announced in SIAM News 31/7, the next meeting of the UKIE section will take place at Imperial College, London on Friday 8th January, 1999. The meeting will follow the format adopted at previous section meetings; viz. there will be a short business meeting sandwiched between invited technical talks.

The speakers next January will be

  1. Chris Budd (Bath)
  2. Charlie Elliott (Sussex)
  3. Colin Please (Southampton)
  4. Gil Strang (MIT, incoming SIAM president)
  5. Martin Stynes (Cork)

The local arrangements are being dealt with by John Barrett. Please make a note of the date in your diary.

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Wavelets: The Key to Intermittent Information?

The Royal Society, London (24-25 February 1999)

Organised by

Professor I.C. Daubechies
Professor J.C.R. Hunt
Professor B.W. Silverman
Dr J.C. Vassilicos

Wavelets are transforming current thinking by allowing for intermittent information and non-homogeneous behaviour. We will examine their increasing use and potential in many areas, including physical systems, turbulence, statistics, mechanical engineering, neural networks, physiology, vision engineering, signal processing, economics and astronomy.

web page:

Source: Christos Vassilicos (

1999 British Applied Mathematics Colloquium

University of Bath (12-15th April 1999)

The BAMC 1999 welcomes anyone with an interest in the applications of mathematics. This meeting will included plenary speakers in applied probability, control theory, fluid mechanics, mathematical biology numerical analysis and solid mechanics. Talks and posters are invited in both traditional and emerging areas of mathematics. In particular, younger mathematicians and scientists are encouraged to reply.

Professor D. Crighton will be giving a special presentation in memory of Sir James Lighthill.

Those wishing to register should return registration forms on
the closing date for applications is 12th. February 1999.

Further details from Professor C. Budd (chairman), Mrs. N. Harvey (secretary) or Dr. D. Rees
email:, telephone 01225 926198.

Registration fee 75 pounds for non-students, 35 pounds for graduate students.

Source: Chris Budd (

Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Oxford (18-28th July 1998)

The Foundations of Computational Mathematics Conference will include a 3-afternoon workshop on Computational Dynamics, organised by John Guckenheimer (Cornell) and Robert MacKay (Cambridge), and two plenary talks in this area by J. Sanz-Serna and A. Stuart. For further information about the conference, see

Details of the computational dynamics workshop have not yet been decided, so if you have a hot topic you would like to present in this area, or suggestions of other people with hot topics, it is not too late. The organisers will be pleased to receive your suggestions by e-mail ( or The programme will appear in due course on the above web-site.

Source: Robert S. MacKay

Stochastic and Chaotic Dynamics in the Lakes

Ambleside (16-20th August 1999)

First Announcement

The aim of the conference is to provide a forum for the discussion of developments in nonlinear science, making special efforts to promote connections between the deterministic and stochastic communities. The meeting will bring together experts from the international community to review both fundamental theory and its applications in engineering, biology, medicine, physics, chemistry, geophysics, signal-processing, and other areas of science and technology.


The last few years have brought an enormous increase in the number of scientists working on nonlinear problems and many important new phenomena have been discovered. The time is ripe to bring together experts from the hitherto largely distinct traditions of deterministic dynamical systems and stochastic nonlinear processes. Practical applications of fundamental results in these areas are beginning to appear across the entire spectrum of science. The interdisciplinary nature of this work means that while communication between researchers is vital it is difficult to achieve because of the range of scientific cultures involved. A central aim of the conference therefore, will be to build bridges between the communities by promoting themes of common interest.

Further details

Fax: -44-524-844037 (01524-844037 from within the UK)
Tel: -44-524-593609 (01524-593609 from within the UK)
Address: Stochaos, Physics Department, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YB

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