UK Nonlinear News, November 1998

4th Workshop on Dynamics of Skew Products

By Matt Nicol

Review of the Fourth Meeting

The fourth meeting within the Skew Products Network was held at at UMIST on Tuesday, August 11th.

Fifteen people attended from the universities of Manchester, UMIST and Southampton.

The talks were:
C. Walkden Manchester The Livsic theorem for twisted cocycles
I. Melbourne Houston Symmetries of transitive sets
M. FieldHouston Stably ergodic systems

Professor Melbourne was supported by an EPSRC grant and Professor Field was supported partly by an LMS scheme 2 grant. Both grants were held jointly by P. Ashwin and M. Nicol.

Summary of the Four Skew Products Meetings

We think that this series of meetings was very successful in stimulating interaction between the various members of the network, and also in fostering joint research. The exposure to current research (and personal contacts) it provided to PhD students was very valuable.

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