UK Nonlinear News, August 1998

Alistair Rucklidge awarded 5 year Advanced Research Fellowship from EPSRC

Alistair Rucklidge has been awarded a five-year Advanced Research Fellowship from EPSRC to work on ``Nonlinear spatio-temporal behaviour of pattern-forming PDEs''.

Many pattern-forming problems behave in a broadly similar fashion: as a controlling parameter is changed, the system, initially in some simple, well-ordered state, progresses through a series of instabilities or other transitions (bifurcations) in which the pattern of behaviour becomes increasingly complicated, until finally no apparent order remains.

Convection is an archetypal example: below a critical temperature difference across a layer of fluid, the fluid is stationary. Just above this critical temperature difference, the fluid begins to move, driven by rising hot material, and establishes a steady symmetric pattern of motion with, for example, the rising hot plumes arranged in rolls or on a square or hexagonal lattice. For higher temperature differences, the motion becomes increasingly complex, and is eventually disordered and chaotic, with irregular changes in the patterns. Understanding this progression from order to disorder, which occurs in many interesting physical and astrophysical problems, is a challenging mathematical issue, which is aided by detailed investigations into the behaviour of pattern-forming nonlinear partial differential equations. I am working on the theory of bifurcations from steady and time-dependent nontrivial solutions of PDEs, including transitions that break the spatial periodicity of the original pattern, and on the interplay of symmetries with global dynamics in PDEs, ODEs and maps. I plan to examine the issue of the loss of stability of structurally stable heteroclinic cycles between chaotic sets, the influence of noise on the stability of heteroclinic cycles, and global bifurcations in situations where the symmetries imply an increase in the dimension of the map required to model the dynamics near the global bifurcation. This will be related to physically and astrophysically important fluid dynamical problems such as convection, Faraday wave experiments and the structure of sunspots.

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Andrew Edwards awarded Visiting Fellowship

Andrew Edwards has been awarded a Visiting Fellowship in a Canadian Government Laboratory at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is working with Trevor Platt's Biological Oceanography Group, modelling phytoplankton populations in the marine environment. The position is for one year (with a possible extension for an extra year).

Source: Andy Edwards ( )


Dr. A.B. Movchan appointed Chair at University of Liverpool

Dr. A.B. Movchan from the University of Bath has been appointed to the Chair of Applied Mathematics at the University of Liverpool, and will be taking up his appointment in early 1999.

Source: Mike Ball

Bernd Krauskopf appointed Lecturer at University of Bristol

Bernd Krauskopf has been appointed to a lectureship in Applied Nonlinear Mathematics in the Department of Engineering Mathematics at the University of Bristol. He starts his new position on 15 September 1998 and will be part of the Applied Nonlinear Mathematics Group. Bernd Krauskopf received his PhD in Mathematics in 1995 from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Subsequently he spent one year as a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Cornell University. Currently he is a FOM Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research interests are in dynamical systems; including the analysis of local and global bifurcations, computational and numerical methods for dynamical systems, and nonlinear dynamics of lasers. More information about Bernd and his research can be found at .

Theodore Ioannidou appointed Lectureship at University of Kent at Canterbury

Theodore Ioannidou (Durham) has been appointed to a five-year lectureship in Mathematics at the University of Kent at Canterbury, from 1st September 1998.

Source: Peter Clarkson

Andy Burbanks appointed Research Associate at Cambridge

Dr. Andrew Burbanks has been appointed as a 3-year EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Associate at DPMMS (University of Cambridge), in conjunction with BRIMS (Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol). The project is on the Dynamics of Non-expanding Maps: Theory and Application to Discrete Event Systems. Andy did his PhD at Loughborough University and was then a Postdoctoral Fellow at BRIMS.

Source: Dr. Colin Sparrow ( )


Visit of Professor Michael Field and Professor Ian Melbourne visit the UK

Professor Michael Field (LMS scheme 2 grant) and Professor Ian Melbourne (an EPSRC Visiting Fellowship) are visiting the University of Surrey, Warwick University and UMIST during August. They are speaking at UMIST on Tuesday, 10th August.

The titles of the talks are:

 Professor Melbourne
Symmetries of transitive sets for dynamical systems with continuous symmetries.
2pm, Maths and Social Sciences Building, UMIST, Room N6.

Professor Michael Field
Ergodicity for equivariant diffeomorphisms.
3.30pm, Maths and Social Sciences Building, UMIST, Room N6.

All are welcome to attend. For further information contact Matt Nicol, Maths Dept, UMIST, 0161-200-3646.

Dr. Natalia Janson and Dr Natalia Igos visit Lancaster

Dr Natalia Janson (a theoretical physicist) and Dr Natalia Igosheva (a physiologist), both from Saratov State University, will be visiting Lancaster to collaborate with the Lancaster nonlinear group during the month of October 1998. They are measuring/analysing cardiovascular time series with a view to developing new diagnostic techniques (and will be glad to give seminars on progress to date).

Contact: Peter McClintock (

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