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New Announcements


Berlin, August 1-7, 1999

First Announcement

EQUADIFF 99 is one of a series of conferences devoted to all mathematical aspects of differential equations. The location alternates between Czech Republic / Slovakia and various countries of Western Europe: Brno (1997), Lisbon (1995), Bratislava (1993), Barcelona (1991), Prague (1989)...

Local Organisation

Bernold Fiedler Freie Universitaet Berlin
Hans-Guenther Bothe Freie Universitaet Berlin
Peter Deuflhard Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum
Karl Doppel Freie Universitaet Berlin
Frank Duzaar Humboldt Universitaet Berlin
Herbert Gajewski Weierstrass Institut
Karin Gatermann Freie Universitaet Berlin
Konrad Groeger Humboldt Universitaet Berlin
Ralf Kornhuber Freie Universitaet Berlin
Reiner Lauterbach Weierstrass Institut
Klaus Schneider Weierstrass Institut
Ruedi Seiler Technical University Berlin
Juergen Sprekels Weierstrass Institut


There will be 37 mini-symposia. Their titles outline the scope of the Equadiff Conference. Each mini-symposium will be represented by a key note speaker. The following list includes titles, organisers and key note speakers:

A. Dynamical Systems

B. Infinite Dimensions

C. Global Attractors and Stability

D. Computational Aspects

E. Applications

Social Program

Excursions to Potsdam and other places of interest around Berlin will be organised for Wednesday afternoon. A Conference Dinner in a restaurant near the historical center of Berlin is planned for Thursday evening. Berlin offers a wide variety of galleries and museums, three opera houses, concert halls and other attractions.


Participants are advised to arrange for accommodation as early as possible with

Berlin Tourismus Marketing
Am Karlsbad 11
D-10785 Berlin

fax: + 49 - 30 - 25 00 24 24
phone: + 49 - 30 - 25 00 25

A limited number of low budget accommodations for students and postdoctoral research fellows will be available through the Conference Office.


Please use the form on our web site; to preregister and receive the Second Announcement in January 1999. Pre-registration forms are also available by sending an email message with empty body and Subject Send Pre-registration Form to

Contributed Talks

Titles/Abstracts can be submitted as LaTeX or PostScript files to Please indicate in which mini-symposium your abstract would fit best, if any. Acceptance and affiliation of talks to mini-symposia will then be decided on by referees. Deadline for submission of abstracts is April 01, 1999.

Conference Fee

The conference fee will be DM 350,- for regular participants (DM 450,- in case of registration after April 01, 1999), including local public transport ticket, welcome reception, program, book of abstracts and the conference proceedings. Students participate free of charge.

Important Deadlines

1st January 1999 Second announcement
1st April 1999 Early registration
1st April 1999 Title & Abstract of contributed talks
1st August 1999 Contributions for Proceedings

Contact address: EQUADIFF 99

c/o Mrs. R. Löhr
Freie Universit"at Berlin
Mathematisches Institut I
Arnimallee 2-6
D-14195 Berlin

fax: +49-30-838-75 409
phone: +49-30-838-75 410


Call for papers: CF99 (Submission date extended) 

Computational Finance (CF99)

Leonard N. Stern School of Business New York University

January 6, 1999 (Tutorials)
January 7 - 8 (Conference)

The sixth international conference on Computational Finance (CF99) will be held at NYU's Leonard N. Stern School of Business. CF99 is sponsored by the New York University Salomon Center, the Center for Research on Information Systems and the Department of Statistics and Operations Research. Computational Finance has emerged as a genuinely cross-disciplinary research meeting. CF99 is the sixth in a series of conferences that have been sponsored by the California Institute of Technology and the London Business School. In the past this conference was called Neural Networks in the Capital Markets (NNCM). The expanding set of computational tools has moved this meeting from its original emphasis on neural network techniques to a broad spectrum of methodologies.

With several hundred attendees, this fully refereed conference has become an international forum where original research in advanced computational applications in finance is presented and discussed. CF99 brings together decision-makers and strategists from the financial industries, with academics from finance, statistics, economics, information systems and other disciplines. In the last few years, the conference has seen papers covering many different computational techniques including: statistical machine learning, Monte Carlo simulation, data mining, knowledge discovery, bootstrapping, genetic algorithms, nonparametric methods, information theory and fuzzy logic. Applications in many different areas are welcome, including but not limited to: risk management, asset allocation, dynamic trading and hedging strategies, forecasting, numerical solutions of derivative PDEs, exotic options and trading cost control.

Studies may cover any major international financial market including equity, foreign exchange, bond, commodity and derivatives. The conference emphasises in-depth analysis and comparative evaluation with established approaches.

CF99 will have two distinguished keynote speakers, Gifford Fong, Chairman, and CEO of Gifford Fong Associates, and David E. Shaw, PhD, Chairman and CEO of D. E. Shaw & Co., Inc.

The conference also features several invited speakers sharing their expertise from both the academic and applied perspectives. CF99 begins with a full day of tutorials designed to inform the diverse group of participants on a selection of the latest tools and research results. This year's tutorials feature the following speakers:

Professor Stephen Figlewski Finance Department, Stern School of Business, New York University
Professor Halbert White Economics Department, University of California, San Diego
Professor David A. Hsieh Finance Department, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Professor Benjamin van Roy Engineering Economic Systems Department, Stanford University

The conference will have several talk and poster sessions for accepted papers. A selection of the presentations will be invited to appear in a volume published by Kluwer Academic Publishers.

Submissions to CF99

Authors who wish to present papers should submit four copies along with full contact information, including e-mail addresses, to:

CF99 / Andreas Weigend
Information Systems Department
Leonard N. Stern School of Business
New York University
44 W 4th St., MEC 9-171
New York, NY 10012, USA


All submissions must be received by August 31st. 1998. Full papers are preferred, but extended abstracts that clearly state the results are acceptable. Only original, relevant, research work will be accepted.

Registration material will be available on the Web at from August.

Deadline for early registration is December 1, 1998.

Conference Chairs:

General Chair Y. S. Abu-Mostafa, Caltech
Organisational Chair A. S. Weigend, NYU Stern
Program Co-chairs B. LeBaron, University of Wisconsin
A. W. Lo, MIT Sloan
Organising Committee A. Atiya, Cairo University
J. Cowan, University of Chicago
R. Gencay, University of Windsor
M. Jabri, Sydney University
J.E. Moody, Oregon Graduate Institute
C.E. Pedreira, Catholic University PUC-Rio
A.-P.N. Refenes, London Business School
M. Steiner, Universitaet Augsburg
D. Tavella, Align Risk Analysis
A. Timmermann, University of Calif., San Diego
H. White, University of California, San Diego
L. Xu, Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Stern School: Founded in 1900, the Stern School has grown into one of the most highly ranked business schools in the world. A talented and diverse student body benefits in many ways from Stern's long-standing excellence, top faculty and its central New York City location. Stern offers several specialisations in computational finance that include a highly quantitative MBA financial engineering track, an MS in statistics with specialisation in financial engineering, and PhD programs in the fields of finance, statistics and information systems.

Further conferences, symposia and workshops at Stern for 1999 include Derivatives: What's New?; Market Risk: Advances and Challenges; and Data Mining in Finance.


Combustion Meeting in Honour of Professor Brian F. Gray

On the occasion of the 65th birthday of Professor Brian F. Gray of Macquarie University, we are organising a Combustion Meeting in his honour.

When: 3pm Thursday 11th - 4pm Friday 12th February 1999 (immediately after the ANZIAM '99 and in the same town)
Where: Bannisters Point Lodge, Mollymook, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA 

Call for Papers

An unrefereed conference volume of authors presentations will be provided at the meeting. The cost of this is included in the registration fee. The deadline for the submission of title and abstract is 31st August 1998 and for full manuscripts for inclusion in the volume is 30th November 1998. Additionally, authors may choose to submit their full manuscripts to a special issue of the Journal of the Australian Mathematics Society Series B (JAMS B) with guest editors Rod Weber, Geoff Mercer and Harvi Sidhu. Papers will be due  on 30th November 1998 for refereeing. It is expected that referees comments will be returned to the authors by 26th February 1999 and final corrected manuscripts to the editors by 30th April 1999. Notification of acceptance of the final version of the manuscript would be by 30th June 1999. Publication and distribution is expected within 12 months of this date. Authors should indicate clearly if their manuscript is to be submitted to  the special edition. Papers for the conference volume and for the JAMS B special edition should be  prepared using the JAMS B LaTeX style files available at

Any requests for help should be directed to Geoff Mercer (


The registration fee includes a copy of the conference volume which will be available at the meeting, the special issue of JAMS B to be sent out after  the meeting, a dinner on the evening of Thursday 11th February, and  morning and afternoon teas.

Early Bird AUS $100 Members of the Australian Mathematics Society (before 30 Nov 1998) AUS $120 Others
Regular AUS $130 Members of the Australian Mathematics Society (before 15 Jan 1999) AUS $150 Others
Full-time students should identify themselves and contact the organisers.

Payments should be made out to COMBUSTION MEETING and in Australian Dollars.


The meeting organisers are not arranging accommodation for delegates. Please make your own arrangements. Below is a list with the meeting venue and nearby accommodation with approximate costs.

Meeting venue

The Bannisters Point Lodge fax +61 2 4455 3451
phone +61 2 4455 3044
singles/twin/doubles from $68 per room

Nearby accommodation

Beach House B+B, Mollymook fax +61 2 4455 3841
phone +61 2 4455 1966
singles/twin/doubles from $68 per room
2km from meeting venue
Mollymook Shores fax +61 2 4455 5636
phone +61 2 4455 5888
singles/twin/doubles from $110 per room
2km from meeting venue  


There will be a bus from Sydney for ANZIAM 99 which will get delegates to the meeting but not away. Some lifts in private vehicles to Sydney and/or Canberra may be possible, please contact Geoff Mercer ( Otherwise there are coaches to Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne (but not very frequent), contact the coach companies at Greyhound Pioneer (Sydney, Melbourne) phone 13 20 30, Murrays Australia (Canberra, Sydney) phone 13 22 51

Expression of interest

Please amend the following and email it to or fill out the form at
by 31st August 1998

[ ] I will attend the meeting
[ ] I hope to attend the meeting
[ ] I wish to kept informed
[ ] I wish to submit a paper for the meeting; title and abstract to follow
[ ] I expect to be submitting a manuscript for the JAMS B special issue


31 August1998 Title and Abstracts for presentations emailed to Geoff Mercer (
30 November 1998 Full manuscripts for conference volume and/or special edition of JAMS B emailed to Geoff Mercer (
15 January 1999 Regular Registration
26 February 1999 JAMS B manuscripts returned from referees
30 April 1999 Revised JAMS B manuscripts returned to Editors
30 June 1999 Notification of acceptance of JAMS B manuscripts

Associated Meetings


Rod Weber
Geoff Mercer
Harvi Sidhu

1998 Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society

The 1998 Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society will be held at the University of Sydney from 28th September to 1st October. It will be opened by Professor Gavin Brown, Vice-Chancellor of the University, and will commence at 11.00 a.m. on the Monday, in the Stephen Roberts Lecture Theatre. This adjoins the Carslaw Building, Eastern Avenue, University of Sydney (on the main campus of the University, beside the footbridge over City Road).

Organising committee

Invited lecturers:

P.B. Cohen (Lille) Noncommutative geometry and number theory
W.K. Hayman (Imperial)Domination theorems in function spaces
G.D. James (Imperial) Symmetric groups and related algebras
A. Joyal (Montreal) From covering manifolds to homology operations
T-C. Kuo (Sydney) From resolution of singularities to equisingularities
B.D. McKay (ANU) Dominoes, Eulerian Circuits, and Spanning Trees
M. Murray (Adelaide) (differential geometry)
I. Raeburn (Newcastle) Graphs, Hilbert space and operator algebras
G.B. Segal (Cambridge)Geometry and quantum field theory
J.F. Toland (Bath) Stokes waves and Hardy spaces

In addition Dr D. Tranah, Publishing Director (Mathematical Sciences) for Cambridge University Press, will give a talk on mathematics publishing.

Special Sessions

There will be four Special Sessions, with talks by invited speakers, and a number of General Sessions for contributed talks. Further information on the Special Sessions is given below. Participants wishing to give a (25 minute) talk in a General Session should send details of the proposed talk to

Dr David Easdown
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Sydney
New South Wales 2006


The information, which should be sent by 31/7/1998, should specify: the title of the talk, the speaker's name and institution, whether or not the speaker is a student, the general area, and include an abstract of no more than 250 words. Either TeX files or hard copies are acceptable. The Bernhard Neumann prize will be awarded to the best talk given by a student at the meeting. Students' talks will be scheduled on Monday or Tuesday, and the prize will be presented at the Dinner.

The programmes for the Special Sessions are not yet finalised; in particular, the lists of speakers will certainly increase. Preliminary details are as follows:

Partial differential equations

(Organiser: B. Andrews (ANU))
Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.
Provisional list of invited speakers: Neil Trudinger, Bevan Thompson, Andrew Hassell, Xiu-Jia Wang, Yi Fang.

Harmonic analysis and related areas

(Organiser: M. Cowling (NSW))
Tentatively scheduled for Monday and Wednesday.
Provisional list of invited speakers: Peter Hall, Tony Dooley, X. Duong, Mathai Varghese.

Algebra and topology

(Organiser: G. Lehrer (Sydney))
Tentatively scheduled for Monday and Wednesday.
Provisional list of invited speakers: R. Howlett, L. G. Kovacs, B. Martin, G. Martin, A. Mathas, A. Molev, W. Neumann, A. Van der Poorten, H. Rubinstein, R. Street, K. Wyskocki.

Combinatorics and related areas

(Organiser B. McKay (ANU))
Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.
Provisional list of invited speakers: Nicholas C. Wormald, Ian Wanless, Jozef Siran, Dror Bar-Natan, Gunnar Brinkmann.


Accommodation will be available at Women's College, University of Sydney, during the conference. The cost will be $42.00/day for bed and breakfast; a full board price of $54.00/day is also available. Women's College is on the main campus of the university; its entrance is off Carillon Avenue (which joins City Road approximately 200 metres from the Carslaw building). It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the College to the Stephen Roberts Lecture Theatre. It will be possible to stay at the college from the Saturday (26/9), Note, however, that it is impossible to check in to the college after 10.00 pm or before 7.00 am each day. To reserve accommodation in Women's College you need to send a deposit of $42 (which can be sent with your registration fee) and give your arrival and departure dates. The deposit must be received by 31/8/1998, and is non-refundable. There are several motels reasonably close to the university, including University Motor Inn (02) 9660-5777, Camperdown Towers Motel (02) 9519-5211 and Camperdown Travelodge (02) 9516-1522. If you wish to stay in a motel you must make your own bookings.

Social Events

There will be a welcome (with refreshments) at 4:30 pm on Monday 28th September. The conference dinner will be held at 7.00 for 7.30 pm on Wednesday 30th September at the Union, University of Sydney. The cost is $42.00 per head, including some drinks. (It will be possible to purchase further drinks at the bar.) If you arrive early there are many tourist excursions available close to Sydney, such as ferry trips, harbour cruises (such as Captain Cook Cruises (02) 9206-1111) and bus trips (Murrays 132-251), the zoo and the opera house. Note that there will be no excursion during the meeting. There are many nearby restaurants.

Registration (including welcome but not dinner)
Standard registration fee $140 if paid by 31/7/1998: $120
(both reduced by $10.00 for Australian Mathematical Society members)
Student registration fee $70 if paid by 31/7/1998: $60
Registration for a single day $60
Registration form

Registration fee: $
Conference dinner ($42 per person): $
Deposit for College: $
arrival date and approximate time:
departure date and approximate time: 


Cheques should be made payable to:
1998 Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society.
Cheques and registration forms should be sent to

Dr R. B. Howlett
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Sydney
NSW 2006.


Updated information can be obtained from the web page

The decision to hold the meeting in the AVCC Common Week has had the consequence that Yom Kippur occurs during the meeting. The Organising Committee apologises to Society members of the Jewish faith for this unfortunate situation. 


Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia, 7-12 September 1998.

In conjunction with a Special Year on Partial Differential Equations and Related Topics, the Centre for Mathematics and its Applications, in the School of Mathematical Sciences at the Australian National University is organising an international conference at the Mission Beach Resort, Mission Beach, from Monday 7th to Saturday 12th September, 1998, inclusive.

Conference Themes


Invited addresses of forty minutes duration will be delivered by participants from Australia and overseas. There will also be opportunities for shorter presentations and posters. So far the following speakers have accepted:

Jan Chabrowski Qld
Hi Jun Choe Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Kai-Seng Chou Chinese University of Hong Kong
Ovidiu Costin M.S.R.I.
Percy Deift Courant Institute
Benno Fuchssteiner Paderborn
Nicola Fusco Florence
Mariano Giaquinta Pisa
Bob Gulliver Minnesota
Jiaxing Hong Fudan
Gerhard Huisken Tuebingen
John Hutchinson ANU
Hitoshi Ishii Tokyo
Nina Ivochkina St. Petersburg
Robert Jensen Loyola
Bernd Kawohl Cologne
Yanyan Li Rutgers
Chang Shou Lin National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
Tai-Ping Liu Stanford
Derek Robinson ANU
Mikhail Safonov Minnesota
Carlo Sbordone Naples
Michael Struwe ETH
Gang Tian MIT
John Toland Bath
Mathai Varghese Adelaide


A limited number of rooms are available at the Mission Beach Resort through the conference organisation. The room rates are $70 per day (single) or $40 per day (shared room). Information for families of more than two persons is available from the organisers. Other accommodation at Mission Beach is listed on the conference web page and may be booked directly. It is anticipated that most participants will arrive on Sunday September 6, and depart on Sunday September 13. Meals will be available at the Mission Beach Resort at the following rates for participants:

Tropical breakfast $12
Lunch $10
Dinner $18+

There will be barbecues on the nights of Monday September 7th and Friday September 11th, and a conference dinner on Tuesday September 8th.


Weather permitting, there will be an all-day excursion to the Barrier Reef on Thursday, September 10th. The cost will be $50.00 per person including a light lunch. Other excursions are also available (including an afternoon trip to Dunk Island at a cost of $12.00 per person, prior to the Conference Dinner), and water taxis run frequently from the beach near the Mission Beach Resort to Dunk Island (see the web page).


The closest international airport is at Cairns, which is connected to Mission Beach by regular bus services. There is an airport shuttle bus that runs regularly from the airport to the Mission Beach Resort at a cost of $25.00 per head. There is also a Greyhound bus that offers two bus services each way per day from Cairns to Mission Beach, at a return fare of $32. The return fare from Townsville is $78. Some visitors may prefer to hire a car in Cairns or Townsville. The distance from either city to Mission beach is approximately 100 km, and takes approximately 2 hours by bus, somewhat less by car. If you choose to use the Greyhound bus you should make a booking in advance (details on web page). We will be arranging a coach from the resort to the airport on Sunday 13 September mid-morning, in time for most people to catch their scheduled flights. We will need to book this in advance and the cost will be approximately $15.00-$20.00 per head depending on numbers. It is also possible to fly to Dunk Island and take a water taxi to the resort.


The basic registration fee for participants is $60. Advance payment will also serve as a deposit for accommodation at the Mission Beach Resort. Participants may also pay a full registration fee of $150.00 which includes the two excursions and the conference dinner. Cheques should be made out to PDE98 Conference and to register, participants should complete the following form and return it to

PDE98 Conference
Centre for Mathematics and its Applications
School of Mathematical Sciences
Australian National University
Canberra A.C.T. 0200

Fax: 61-2-62495549


Financial support of $300.00 will be offered to postgraduate students from Australian Universities working in relevant research areas. This support should be requested on submission of the registration form and the registration fee of $60.00 should still be paid in order to reserve accommodation. For any further information please contact


Ben Andrews ANU
Norm Dancer Sydney
Min Chun Hong ANU
Nalini Joshi Adelaide
Graeme Snedden James Cook
Neil Trudinger ANU


Name: ________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________




Fax: _______________________________

E-mail: ____________________________________________

Do you wish us to book a room in the Mission Beach Resort? __________

If so, do you prefer a single room or a shared room? ________________

If you prefer to share a room, you can nominate a person to share the room with:


Participants who will be accompanied by more than one person should contact the organisers to arrange accommodation.

Do you expect to take part in the excursion? ________________________

Do you expect to attend the conference dinner? ______________________

Expected day of arrival: ____________________

Expected day of departure: __________________

Do you wish to present a 20 minute talk? ________________ or poster _________

Title ______________________________________________________________________

(Please forward a brief abstract by August 7, 1998).

(Mrs)Annette Hughes
Administrative Officer
Centre for Mathematics and its Applications

Phone: 02 6249 2897 (within Australia)
61 2 6249 2897 (outside Australia)

Fax: 02 6249 5549 (within Australia)
61 2 6249 5549 (outside Australia)


Dynamics Days Asia-Pacific

First International Conference on Nonlinear Sciences

12-15 January 1999

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong


G. Ahlers* Santa Barbara
Y. Kivshar Australia
P. Altshuler Princeton-NEC
Y. Kuramoto Kyoto
P. Bak Niels Bohr
C. Marcus* Stanford
D. Campbell Illinois
E. Ott Maryland
P. Cvitanovic* Northwestern
M. Peyrard* ENS-Lyon
G. Casati Milan
I. Procaccia* Weizmann
B. Derrida* ENS-Paris
D. Sherrington Oxford
D. Fisher* Harvard
H. Swinney Texas
M. Golubitsky Houston
C. Tang NEC
J. Guckenheimer* Cornell
C.N. Yang* Stony Brook-CUHK
B.L. Hao Beijing
S.T. Yau* Harvard-CUHK
S. Kim Pohang
J. Yorke Maryland
G. Zaslavsky Courant

*To be confirmed



B. Hu HKBU-UH, Chairman
H.S.Y. Chan CityU
C.H. Lam PolyU
H.F. Chau HKU
K.S. Cheng HKU
L.H. Tang HKBU
E.S.C. Ching CUHK


B. Hu HKBU-UH, Chairman
Y. Kuramoto Japan
D. Dhar India
C.H. Lai Singapore
B.-L. Hao China
S.C. Lim Malaysia
C.K. Hu Taiwan
R. Quispel Australia
S. Kim Korea



To promote nonlinear science in the Asia-Pacific region we are following the trail blazed by Dynamics Days and starting an Asia-Pacific branch. The Hong Kong conference will mark the beginning of a regular series of conferences that will rotate amongst the Asian-Pacific countries.


The conference will be held in the Lam Woo International Conference Centre of the Hong Kong Baptist University, 12-15 January 1999.


The conference will contain invited talks, contributed talks and poster sessions. Contributed talks will be selected from submitted papers. To submit a paper you should provide a one-page submission including the title, author(s), and an abstract of less than 100 words. The format of the abstract can be obtained from the website or via e-mail.


Most participants will be housed in the Dr. Ng Tor Tai (NTT) International House of the Hong Kong Baptist University. This is a brand new housing unit conveniently located next to the conference site.

NTT International House
Hong Kong Baptist University
32, Renfrew Road
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Fax: (852) 2191-9333
Tel: (852)2301-2301

Since the number of rooms in the NTT International House is very limited, they will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If there are not enough rooms in the NTT International House, participants will be housed in the YMCA International House. A bus or taxi will then be required to reach the conference site.

YMCA International House
23 Waterloo Road
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Fax: (852)2771-5238
Tel: (852)2771-9111



All enquiries should be addressed to the conference secretary:

DDAP Secretary
Department of Physics
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong
Fax: (852)2304-6558
Telephone: (852)2339-7029

Please check the website for the latest information about the conference.

IMPORTANT DATE: 15 October 1998.

The second announcement will only be sent to those who have returned the registration form.


(I) Personal information

Name: ___________________________________________

(Family) (First)

Nationality: _____________________ Sex: M / F

Mailing address: ________________________________



City: ________ State: _______ Country: _________

Fax: ______________ Telephone: _________________

Email: __________________________________________

(II) I've enclosed payment of the following fee:

**Registration Fee

Local &

Developed developing

countries countries Students


Regular ___ HK$1,500 ___ HK$1,000 ___ HK$500

Early ___ HK$1,200 ___ HK$ 800 ___ HK$400

**NTT International House reservation (all Standard Twin)

____ Single HK$300/day

____ Double HK$150/day

Name of preferred roommate: _________________________

Check-in date: ___________ Check-out date: ___________

Total number of nights: ____________

TOTAL PAYMENT: HK$__________________

(III) I pay by

____ Bank draft


____ Credit card

Type of credit card: ____ Visa ____ MasterCard

Card No: _____________________________________

Expiration date: __________________ (MM/YR)

Card holder's name: ________________________________

Card holder's signature: ___________________________

Date: _______________________

(IV) Please return this form to the conference secretary before 15 October 1998. (**please delete the rest and return the registration form only.**)

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