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Dynamic Days 1998 registration form now available!

The registration form for Dynamics Days 1998, June 28-1 July 1998, Edinburgh, is now available at Funding is available for EPSRC students.

UK Dynamics Days 1998 brings together, in the UK for the first time, researchers interested in a wide variety of phenomena associated with nonlinear dynamical systems.

Invited Speakers (all confirmed)
V. Anishchenko Russia
L. Arnold Germany
M. Berry UK
M. Feigin Russia
M. Fink France
J. Keener US
Y. Kuramoto Japan
R. Mackay UK
T. Mullin UK
K. Popp Germany
D. Rand UK
S. Scott UK

There will be a limited number of contributed 15-minute talks as well as several poster sessions.

Contributions are welcomed on any current research topic in which nonlinear dynamics plays a significant role.

Professor J. Brindley University of Leeds
Professor J. Hogan University of Bristol

This meeting has been made possible by generous donations from the London Mathematical Society & the EPSRC. The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh, Scotland provides invaluable assistance in putting on this meeting.

Source: John Hogan (

Fractal World Exhibition

19th to 22nd May and 26th to 29th May 1998.
Opening hours : 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Prepared by the EcoutezVoir Workshop (Paris) with Adrien Douady (Orsay), and sponsored by the French Embassy in London.

At the London Mathematical Society's new building:

London Mathematical Society
57-58 Russell Square
London WC1B 4HP
Tel: 0171 323 3686;
Fax: 0171 323 3655

Source: Shaun Bullett (

David Silvester elected Secretary and Treasurer of UKIE SIAM

Only one nomination was received for the position of Secretary and Treasurer of the UK and Republic of Ireland SIAM Section before the 31st January closing date. David Silvester (UMIST) was therefore elected to this position.

Source: Andy Wathen (

Student Travel Awards For 1998 SIAM Conferences

Students are invited to apply for a number of student travel awards, each of which will provide 300 USD and free registration for the following SIAM conferences in 1998:

The awards will be made from the SIAM Student Travel Fund, which was created in 1991 and is maintained through book royalties donated by generous SIAM authors. Interested applicants should contact:

SIAM (Attention: SIAM Student Travel Awards)
3600 University City Science Center
PA 19104-2688
telephone: (215)-382-9800
fax: (215)-386-79999

Completed applications must be received at the SIAM office no later than two months before the first day of the meeting for which support is requested. Winners will be notified five weeks before the first day of the meeting. The award recipients will receive the award checks when they arrive at the given meeting and check in at the SIAM Registration Desk.

Source: SIAM News, Volume 31, 1, January/February 1998.

Holomorphic Dynamics Video

VIDEO: The Dynamics of the Rabbit (24 minutes, PAL)
By Adrien Douady (Orsay), Dan Sorensen (Lyngby) and Francois Tisseyre (EcoutezVoir Workshop, Paris), with English soundtrack by Shaun Bullett (QMW).

This is the first in a series of videos on holomorphic dynamics proposed by Adrien Douady and produced by EcoutezVoir. It is intended for a broadly mathematical audience (for example students having some knowledge of complex numbers) and the intention is to convey mathematical content at the forefront of current research, but the computer images will be appreciated even by those with very little background in mathematics.

Price 300 francs (institution) or 200 francs (individual).

Orders to (and further details from):

4, square Vermenouze,
75005 Paris,
tel: 00-33-1-47-07-25-23;
fax: 00-33-1-47-07-85-57

or from:

Sciences Resources
Batiment 490
Centre Universitaire d'Orsay
91405 Orsay Cedex,
tel: 00-33-1-69-15-42-75;
fax: 00-33-1-69-15-42-74.

Source: Shaun Bullett (

Dynamical Medicine

Terry Post, a Biomedical Engineer, would like to put together a consortium of non-linear dynamists interested in working with him on a project of a proprietary nature that would apply their skills on patient data sets (real-time) for both diagnostic as well as theraputic medicine.

Source: Terry Post (

The xxx math e-print archive

This is an announcement of a new service which could have significant consequences for the mathematical community and for the mathematics job market: the xxx math e-print archive. Before reading further, you should explore this archive at the UC Davis front end at

or directly at Los Alamos at

xxx has a full-time staff and is funded by DOE and NSF. The xxx archives have over 60,000 e-prints in physics, accruing at a rate of 20,000 per year. xxx is better than a personal web page (which is also a good idea), because most people will only visit your web page if they already know you exist.

Clear step-by-step submission instructions are available at

Whether your particular category is well-established or brand new, people will see your name and your work.

As you can see from the numbers, xxx is not a pie-in-the-sky web experiment. In physics, it is a major artery of scholarly communication, maybe even the aorta. In mathematics, it is off to a promising start. You are invited to take a look.

Source: Greg Kuperberg in Young Mathematicians Network Newsletter via Mark Wilson.

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