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Cambridge University Press

Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaotic and Complex Systems

E. Infeld, R. Zelazny, and A. Galkowski (Editors)

In this book, two dozen scientists and mathematicians who were deeply involved in the "nonlinear revolution" cover most of the basic aspects of the field. The book is divided into five parts: dynamical systems, bifurcation theory and chaos; spatially extended systems; dynamical chaos; quantum physics and the foundations of statistical mechanics; evolutionary and cognitive systems; and complex systems as an interface between the sciences.

Cambridge University Press 1997 349 pp.
ISBN 58201 6 Hardback


Dynamics: Numerical Exploration

Helen E. Nusse and James A. Yorke

This Dynamics program and handbook allows the reader to explore nonlinear dynamics and chaos through the use of illustrated graphics. This package is suitable for research and educational needs. The program in this new edition runs three times faster. Dynamics also features an add-your-own-equation facility, making a compiler unnecessary. PD and Lyapunov exponents and Newton method for finding periodic orbits can all be carried out numerically without adding specific code for partial derivatives. Additional functionality includes a new user-friendly menu system, colour postscript support, mouse support, and utilisation of the expanded memory - resulting in higher resolution graphics. Minor changes include a zoom facility and help facility. Due to limited space, much of the source code will be available on the web, although some of it will remain on the disk.

1998/624pp 117 illustrations hardcover
ISBN 0-387-98264-7
Applied Mathematical Sciences, Volume 101

Symbolic Dynamics: One-Sided, Two-Sided and Countable State Markov Shifts

Bruce P. Kitchens

This is a thorough introduction to the dynamics of one-sided and two-sided markov shifts on a finite alphabet and the basic properties of these systems are established using elementary methods. The connections to other types of dynamical systems, celluluar automata and information theory are illustrated with numerous examples. The book is written for graduate students and researchers who use symbolic dynamics as a tool to study more general systems.

1998/252pp, 40 illustrations, softcover
ISBN 3-540-62738-3

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