UK Nonlinear News, February 1998

Editorial: The Global Nonlinear Community

By Sakse Orstavik

This is the 11th issue of UK Nonlinear News and looking back we see that the newsletter has grown in both content and recognition since the first issue in June 1995. The number of subscribers is steadily increasing and we are just about to reach 1000 subscribers (this does not include those who only access the newsletter via the web page).

Although UKNN was initially aimed at the UK nonlinear community only 39% of our subscribers are from within the UK, these subscribers represent 65 UK Universities and Colleges. Overall there are subscribers from 51 countries, distributed as follows:

No. countries No. subscribers
UK 1 392
Rest of Europe 27 262
North America 2 233
Asia 12 45
Pacific 2 38
South America 6 24
Africa 1 1
Undisclosed 2
Total 51 995

This is thus an indication of the massive interest there is in nonlinear science throughout the world. It also tells us, who compile the newsletter, that we are doing something worthwhile.

Enjoy the issue.

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