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This meeting has been POSTPONED due to a rail strike on July 14.
It will now take place on Wednesday 20 September 1995

Atoms & Limits of Quantum Theory

A one-day meeting at University College London.

Wednesday 20 September, 11 am-6 pm


Atoms and molecules continue to provide some of the best theoretical and experimental probes of the shadowy border between classical and quantum theory. The meeting is aimed at a general physics audience and postgraduate students in particular, and will provide a broad review of existing problems at the quantum/classical interface.

Topics include:

Quantum Chaos in Atoms & Molecules
Atomic spectra in the limit of classical chaos, quantum suppression of chaos. Time-dependent and time-independent systems. Quantum scars and spectral statistics.
Beyond the Schroedinger Equation
Do we now understand wavefunction collapse and quantum jumps ?
Two new approaches - Consistent histories and Quantum State Diffusion: are they consistent ? Possible atomic tests.
Quantum Dynamics
Wavepacket dynamics in atoms and molecules. Theory and experiments.


Quantum Chaos: Beyond the Schroedinger Equation:

Venue and Arrangements

This event will be held in Room A1 at the Dept of Physics & Astronomy, University College London, Gower St., London WC1E 6BT

Participants should register and book accomodation by contacting the meeting organiser. There will be a registration charge of #7.50 (#5 IOP/CCP2 members, #2.50 students).

Meeting organiser:
Dr. T.S. Monteiro (
Mathematics Department,
Royal Holloway University of London,
Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX,
Tel.: 01784 443097 Fax: 01784 437520
Meeting jointly sponsored by The Atomic and Molecular Physics Division of the IOP and CCP2

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