A 6-month research programme at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK

July 6th to December 17th, 1995

Organisers: P. Constantin (Chicago), J.D. Gibbon (Imperial College, London), J.K. Hale (Georgia Tech), C. Sparrow (Cambridge)

Programme Details
Euro-conference: 4 Sep-15 Sep
Enquiries and Information


The Newton Institute in Cambridge will be running a six month programme with the above title starting on July 6th, 1995. The programme will bring together experts in both finite and infinite dimensional systems, and aims to make progress in such areas as spatio-temporal chaos, pattern formation, attractors in infinite dimensional systems, and other problems where experimental and numerical results suggest that both analytic techniques from the theory of partial differential equations and geometric methods from the theory of finite dimensional systems play an important role.

There will be regular seminars throughout the programme, and a series of workshops of various lengths on special topics. In addition there will be two main meetings; a NATO ASI (21 Aug -1 Sep) and a Euro-Conference (4 Sep -15 Sep).

Outline details of these meetings and activities can be found below. Anyone interested in participating in the programme or workshops should contact me. Instructions on how to register for the Euro-conference can also be found below. We regret that registration for the ASI is now closed.

It is the aim of the organisers (and it is a general policy of the Newton Institute) that UK mathematicians and scientists who wish to participate in the programme for short periods should be able to do so whenever possible. A small amount of money is reserved to support such visits. Longer visits and visits from abroad are usually arranged considerably in advance of the start of the programme, though additional overseas participation in the workshops is encouraged by those researchers who do not need financial support.

Further details may be obtained in a number of ways, as described at the end of this piece; please be in touch if I can help in any way.

Colin Sparrow;

Programme Details

NATO ASI: 21 Aug - 1 Sep.
Main organiser P A Glendinning. Speakers include:

Main research meeting / Euro-conference: 4 Sep - 15 Sep.

We expect up to 100 participants (including those already resident with the programme at the Institute) for a research meeting covering many of the areas of interest to the programme. Applications to register should be sent to to arrive no later than July 1st. We hope to have a preliminary schedule for the conference available shortly.


There will be smaller and more focussed `Special Topic' meetings or workshops throughout the programme. These will usually be between 1 day and 1 week in duration. Current plans being developed include:


The following visitors are expected to participate in the programme, for periods of between 1 week and 6 months. The list does not include those who have only registered for one of the meetings or workshops. Participants dates can be found on the www as described below.

Afraimovitch,  V.
Baesens, C.     
Ball, J.      
Bates, P.     
Broomhead, D. 
Bunimovich, L. 
Carr, J.       
Chillingworth, D.      
Collet, P.   
Constantin, P. 
Coullet, P.     
Cvitanovich, P.   
Doering, C.      
Elgin, J.       
Elliott, C.   
Feireisl, E. 
Fife, P.        
Fusco, G.      
Gibbon, J.    
Glendinning, P.  
Hale, J.       
Holm, D.            
Holmes, P.        
Kerr, R.M.          
Krasny, R.        
L'vov, V.        
Mackay, R.      
Majda, A.	     
McGlade, J.   
Moore, D.R.   
Mullin, T.        
Newell, A.       
Nishiura, Y.    
Ohkitani, K.   
Polacik, P.      
Pomeau, Y.      
Procaccia, I.        
Rand, D.A.          
Raugel, G.        
Sharkovsky, A.   
Sparrow, C.     
Spiegel, E.    
Stark, J.     
Swinney, H.  
Takei, Y.         
Titi, E.S.        
Toland, J.      
Weinan, E.     
Wicklund, K.
Yi, Y.

Enquiries and information

For enquiries related to the programme, please contact: Colin Sparrow, Newton Institute, 20 Clarkson Road, Cambridge, CB3 0EH, UK
Tel: (uk) 1223 330556 Fax: (uk) 1223 330508

Information about the Newton Institute and the programmes running there is also available electronically via ftp, gopher, and the www. These services are currently being improved and developed, but we hope that over the next few weeks a full information service for this programme will be available on the www. To use ftp, login as ftp using your email address as a password. Change directory to pub with `cd pub' for most useful files and instructions. Addresses are:

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