3rd Experimental Chaos Conference

August 21-23rd, 1995 : Edinburgh, Scotland.

Organisers: W.L. Ditto (Georgia Tech), R.G. Harrison (Heriot-Watt), W. Lu (Heriot-Watt), L.M. Pecora (Naval Research Laboratory), M.L. Spano (Naval Surface Warfare Center), S.T. Vohra (Naval Research Laboratory).


The Experimental Chaos Conference, which is the third in the series, will take place at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, 21-23 August 1995. This international meeting, the first to take place in Europe, is held biennially, the previous highly successful meetings being held in Arlington, USA in 1991 and 1993.

The main purpose of this conference is to provide a timely forum for reporting innovative new research in experimental chaos. Members of the scientific and engineering community interested in recent developments in and techniques of experimental nonlinear dynamics are invited to attend this conference and to contribute to technical sessions and workshops. The conference is sponsored by the US Office of Naval Research, the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development, the Nonlinear Optics Centre, Philips Laboratory (AFSC), and Lothian and Edinburgh Enterprise Ltd.


In line with the previous meeting the scope of the conference is broad and includes experimental research in the areas of: The subjects addressed are multidisciplinary, covering the physical sciences, including optics, fluids, condensed matter and astrophysics; biological, chemical and medical sciences; engineering, including electronic and mechanical systems, and meteorology and oceanography.

Invited Speakers

F.T. Arecchi (Instituto Nazionale de Ottica)
Optical morphogenesis, pattern formation, competition and stabilisation.
H. Beige (Max-Planck Institute)
Application of nonlinear dynamics in the study of ferroelectric materials.
R.Brown (University of California, San Diego
Models and synchronisation of dynamical systems.
T. Carroll (Naval Research Laboratory)
Pulsed-coupled circuits and neuronal models.
S. Chapman (University of Sussex)
Solar wind dynamics via satellite data.
J. Clay (NIH)
Subthreshold chaos and other tales from the Squid Giant Axon.
S. Daw (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Measuring and controlling chaotic dynamics in a slugging fluidized bed.
J.M. Flesselles (Instituto Nonlineaire de Nice)
Experiments in transition to chaos in quasi 1-D chain of nonlinear coupled oscillators.
A. Gavrielides (Philips Laboratories)
Instabilities in semiconductor lasers with optical injection.
P. Glorieux (University of Lille)
Characterisation and control of laser chaos via unstable periodic orbits.
T. Mullin (Oxford University)
Organised chaos.
J.M. McGlade (University of Warwick)
2-dimensional pattern formation in plankton micro organisms.
T. Sauer (George Mason University)
Diagnosing chaos through time series and spike trains
L. Virgin (Duke University)
Subtle transient behaviour in nonlinear mechanical oscillators
A. Volkovskii (Nizhny Novgorod University)
Phase locking of chaotic relaxation oscillators.
V. Zykov (Max-Planck Institute)
Order and chaos - excitable media under external forcing.


The meeting will be held on the Campus of Heriot-Watt University, which is sited on the picturesque 275-acre Riccarton estate west of Edinburgh. There is ample conference-level accomodation at Heriot-Watt, and it is recommended strongly that all delegates choose to stay at the Centre.

The 3rd Experimental Chaos Conference has been organised to coincide with the Edinburgh International Festival: the world's largest Arts Festival. Riccarton is situated seven miles west of Edinburgh city centre and the conference social programme has been designed to give access to the Festival from the University. It is essential that delegates wishing to choose hotel accomodation book very early in view of the festival's popularity. Delegates should contact the hotel of their choice directly.

Further Information

For more information contact:

Dr. Rod Neale (phywl@phy.hw.ac.uk)
Department of Physics, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, UK.
Voice: (44) 131 451-3029 Fax: (44) 131 451-3136

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