Conference on Dynamical Numerical Analysis

(Georgia Tech, Atlanta. December 14-16, 1995)

First Announcement

This will be a three day conference on dynamical numerical analysis. Specific topics represented include: convergence of integration algorithms over long time intervals including long time error bounds and convergence of invariant sets; stability of integration algorithms over long time intervals including preservation of dynamical structure and spurious solutions; new approaches to error analysis, including shadowing results and backward error analysis; design of computational techniques for invariant sets including algorithms to compute invariant tori, inertial manifolds, heteroclinic orbits, homoclinic orbits, etc. etc. .

There will be no concurrent sessions. The following people have agreed to give invited talks:

   D. Aronson      U. Ascher       W. Beyn       E. Doedel
   C. Elliott      C. Foias        E. Hairer     A. Iserles
   P. Kloeden      S. Larsson      J. Lorenz     K. Palmer
   G. Raugel       R. Russell      J. Sanz-Serna R. Skeel
   D. Stoffer      A. Stuart       E. Titi       J. Yorke.

There will also be room for twenty-minute contributed talks. The selection of these talks will be done so that the broadest possible panorama of topics is represented.

We are seeking notification from all who are interested in attending. We prefer to get responses by e-mail. If you are interested in giving a contributed talk, please indicate this in your response, and send a tentative title.

Sincerely, Luca Dieci and Don Estep.
School of Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, GA, 30332 U.S.A.

Source: Nonlinear News: Issue 1 start page.

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