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Semester 2, 2010-2011

Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in MALL 2, School of Mathematics.

Thu 27th January
4:00 PM

Steve Tobias(University of Leeds)
Direct Statistical Simulation in Astrophysical and Geophysical Fluids

Thu 3rd February
4:00 PM

Ashley Willis(University of Sheffield)
Charting the phase-space of transitional fluid flow

Thu 17th February
4:00 PM

Chris Jones(University of Leeds)
Anelastic spherical dynamo benchmarks

Thu 24th February
4:00 PM

Mark Wilson(Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds )
Lattice Boltzmann modelling of droplets impacting and spreading on surfaces

Thu 3rd March
4:00 PM

Peter Read(University of Oxford)
Experiments on geostrophic turbulence and convection on a beta plane: jets and vortices

Thu 17th March
4:00 PM

Rainer Hollerbach(University of Leeds)
Dynamics of the Earth's Inner Core Tangent Cylinder

Thu 31st March
4:00 PM

Krzysztof Mizerski(University of Leeds)
Scaling analysis in developed convection

Thu 28th April
4:00 PM

James Cho(Queen Mary, University of London)
Atmospheric dynamics of hot Jupiters

Thu 5th May
4:00 PM

Prof. Eleuterio Toro(Trento & Cambridge)
Mathematical model for blood flow in vessels with discontinuous material properties