Integrable systems

The Integrable Systems Group is formally part of the Applied Mathematics Department, but has strong links with various members of Pure Mathematics. We have a regular Seminar series and host a Workshop on Integrable Systems each year (part of a series entitled "Classical and Quantum Integrability"). We have a lively group of post-graduate students and plenty of opportunities for more.

Centre for Nonlinear Studies

Integrable Systems Seminars

Integrable Systems Workshop

Integrable Systems Group Members

Permanent Staff: Research Staff: PhD Students
Dr Oleg Chalykh
Pavlos Xenitidis
 Rikesh Bhatt
Professor Allan Fordy

 Rhys Bury
Professor Alexander Mikhailov
   Paul Jennings
Professor Frank Nijhoff
   Sarah Lobb
Professor Simon Ruijsenaars
  Michael Scott

    Paul Spicer

Sikarin Yoo-Kong