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As part of the fellows' research projects, they will undertake study visits to other partner institutions. These secondments will enable the fellows to take advantage of expertise within the initial training network. Furthermore, in the case of ESRs, these secondments will be recognised by the host institution of the fellow and count towards the training required for a PhD.

During secondments, the fellows will be provided with facilities, equipment, methods and training in techniques not available at their host institution. These visits will establish and encourage collaborations among partners and fellows, and expose fellows to different practices and cultures.

Secondment at Utrecht
Pedro Costa del Amo on secondment at UMC Utrecht with Mariona Baliu Pique
Secondment at Microsoft Research
Marco Ferrarini with Neil Dalchau, researcher in the group of Andrew Phillips at Microsoft Research

secondment at MIT

Harry Tideswell (second left) and Giulio Prevedello (fourth left) on secondment at MIT with Ken Duffy (second right)
Secondment at AstraZeneca
secondment at AstraZeneca
Melania Barile on secondment at AstraZeneca with Michael Davies
Unilever secondment Marco Ferrarini, Pedro Costa del Amo, Domonkos Varga and Luis de la Higuera Romero (not pictured) on secondment at Unilever.

Details of secondments carried out by the fellows

Name of fellow
(host institution)
Place of secondment Dates of secondment
Mariona Baliu Pique
Institut Pasteur - laboratory of Antonio Freitas and Benedita Rocha 2-15 November 2015
Melania Barile (DKFZ) AstraZeneca 11 July - 4 August 2016
Pedro Costa del Amo
UMCU 22-24 June 2015
Bayer Life Sciences, Cologne August 2015
Unilever 8 August - 2 September 2016
Luis de la Higuera Romero
Institut Pasteur July-August 2014 (one week), December 2014 (one week)
Institute of Mathematical Science, Chennai 10 March - 10 April 2015
Unilever 8 August - 2 September 2016
Sary El Daker
(Institut Pasteur)
University of Leeds May 2015
Marco Ferrarini
NUI Galway 16-26 June 2014
Institut Pasteur 23-28 April 2015
Microsoft Research 18-22 April 2016
Unilever 8 August - 2 September 2016
Sai Gadham Setty
(Bayer AG)
Universiteit Utrecht 3-18 October 2016
Julio Lahoz Beneytez
(Bayer AG)
Imperial 3 months in total in 2014-2015, with a plan in 2016 to spend 2 more months there
Aridaman Pandit
Universiteit Utrecht)
NKI Regular discussions and interactions with Leila Perie
NUI Maynooth  
Giulio Prevedello
(NUI Maynooth)
WEHI 18 April - 4 May 2015
MIT October 2015 - April 2016
Harry Tideswell
(NUI Maynooth)
MIT October 2015 - April 2016
Domonkos Varga
Unilever 8 August - 2 September 2016
Yaxuan Yu
(NUI Galway)
Leeds 19-26 September 2014
INSERM 17-24 April 2015


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