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QuanTI Fellows' Meeting

5 March 2014
Fairbairn House Main Building Upper Chapel LR (1.04a)
University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

A QuanTI fellows meeting was held on 5 March 2014 at the University of Leeds, Leeds, UK.
The meeting was informal and aimed to bring together all the Marie Curie researchers from the QuanTI network. Fellows had the chance to meet and know each other better, learn about each other’s QuanTI research projects and establish friendships and future collaboration.

The meeting was opened by the QuanTI network coordinator, Dr. Grant Lythe, with a general lecture about the Network, including overall aims and objectives, training programme and commitment, followed by scientific aspects of the QuanTI research. Deputy coordinator, Prof. Carmen Molina-Paris, and other PhD and post-doctoral researchers from the School of Maths in Leeds were also present at the meeting.

The work programme of the meeting included talks by the fellows, followed by questions and discussions. The focus was on the QuanTI fellows' research topics and projects with special attention on their personal career achievements and future goals. At the end of the meeting the QuanTI fellows had the chance to ask questions about their status as Marie Curie Fellows. There was also a discussion about the allowances and provisions of being a Marie Curie Fellow.

Programme from the event:

10.15 Grant Lythe – Welcome and overview talk about the QuanTI network
10.45 Pedro Costa del Amo (Imperial) - WP1
11.00 Sara Ciprut (UMCU) - WP1
11.15 Julio Lahoz Beneytez (Bayer) - WP1
11.30 Sary El Daker (IP) - WP2
11.45 Luis de la Higuera Romero (Leeds) - WP2
12.00 Lunch
14.00 Pedro Filipe Fernandes Goncalves (INSERM) - WP3
14.15 Marco Ferrarini (Leeds) - WP3
14.30 Aridaman Pandit (UU) - WP4
14.45 Ali Can Sahillioglu (NKI) - WP4
15.00 Domonkos Varga (Charite) - WP6
15.15 Discussions

Fellows' meeting
Fellows' meeting
Fellows' meeting
Fellows' meeting
Fellows' meeting



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