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The management of the ITN is carried out through a Supervisory Board (SB) and a Finance Committee (FC), aided by an Advisory Board (AB), a Training Committee (TC), an Intellectual Property Rights Committee (IPRC) and local Research Support Groups (RSG). The relationships and flow of information among these Boards, Committees and Groups is illustrated in the diagram


The Supervisory Board (SB) is a part of the Management structure of the QuanTI Network. It is chaired by the network coordinator, Grant Lythe (Leeds, UK), and includes the deputy coordinators Carmen Molina Paris (Leeds, UK) and Thomas Eissing (Bayer, Germany), the Network administrator (Jessica Brennan, Leeds, UK), the scientist-in-charge from each partner, and representatives from the associated partners.

The SB will oversee the entire project and will have overall responsibility for decision making in all the areas of the training and research activities, and for all communications with the Commission. The SB will be responsible for ensuring that the needs of each ESR/ER are met through provision of high quality scientific and technical training, complementary skills training, individual research projects and meaningful exposure to industry and other sectors. Decisions will be made by consensus, with voting mechanisms where appropriate. The SB will take overall responsibility for ethics, ensuring all necessary approvals are obtained and offering advice as necessary.

The SB will actively seek to develop ways of ensuring continued cooperation between the partners after the life of the project, including exploring opportunities to develop training and research activities.

The responsibility of the SB will be to coordinate ITN scientific, training and recruitment activities, to review partner progress and to construct scientific and training best practice guidelines.

The Board will meet every 6 months, and the first meeting was held in August 2013 at the Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth, Ireland as part of the Inaugural Meeting.

The Finance Committee (FC) consists of the ITN coordinator, the financial administration staff of the Mathematics and Physical Sciences Faculty Research Office at the University of Leeds (Lee Johnstone), and ITN administrator (Jessica Brennan). The FC will be responsible for disseminating funds to the ITN partners, regular reviewing of network finances, communicating and advising partners on ITN funding issues, setting up and maintaining the consortium agreement, and obtaining audit certificates where required.

The Advisory Board (AB) consists of the ITN associated partners, whose responsibility will be to advise and make recommendations to the SB on network research programmes. The AB will be chaired by associated partner Unilever. A minimum of 3 members of the AB will attend the annual SB meetings at annual network meetings, where they will provide feedback and recommendations on the relevance of network activities to industry.

The Training Committee (TC) consists of selected members of the SB. It will have overall responsibility for ensuring that QuanTI meets the training needs of the ESRs and ERs specified by the SB. It will coordinate the organisation of the networkwide training events, will be responsible for advising partners on best practice for recruitment and training of the network researchers, ensuring that recruitment practice and standards are maintained across the ITN. The TC will report to the SB at their 6 monthly meetings.
The members are Rob de Boer, Ken Duffy, Thomas Höfer, Carmen Molina-Paris, and Christoph Niederalt.

The Intellectual Property Rights Committee (IPRC) will consist of selected members of the SB. It will be responsible for drawing up the IPR strategy of the consortium and of ownership, transfer, protection, use and dissemination issues. The IPRC will report to the SB at their 6 monthly meetings.
The members are José Borghans, Michael Davies, Ken Duffy, Cameron MacKay, Carmen Molina-Paris, and Christoph Niederalt.

The ESRs Forum will consist of all ESRs and ERs in QuanTI. The purpose of the ESRs Forum is to ensure that all ESRs and ERs are represented at all levels of the ITN. The Forum will hold regular Skype meetings. ESRs and ERs will select two representatives (on a rotating basis) to attend SB meetings. There will be an opportunity for the ESRs Forum to meet during each Network event.

In QuanTI, each ITN researcher will have a Research Support Group (RSG) dedicated to them, chaired by the researcher’s supervisor and having as members the co-supervisor(s). This group will be responsible for ensuring that regular research supervision is maintained and for coordinating and reviewing training and research programmes, personal development plans and collaborations with associated partners.


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