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QuanTI Closing Conference

School of Mathematics
University of Leeds
19 - 21 April 2017

Fellows at the Closing Conference

Closing conference
Closing conference


This three day conference was held to publicise the network's research achievements at the end of the project. Network fellows and partners were encouraged to give presentations to publicise their research achievements throughout the network. The meeting also featured talks by international researchers. Participants included fellows whose fellowships had ended, as well as associated partners and external visiting scientists.

This ensured that the conference was a major international event in Quantitative Immunology, with significant participation from outside, and so assisted dissemination of the ITN, and helped the fellows to build international contacts.

Download the poster from the conference


Wednesday 19 April
10:30 Registration and Refreshments
11:00 Lucy Walker, University College London
CTLA-4 meditated regulation of T cell responses
11:45 Julio Lahoz Beneytez, Bayer AG
Revealing the dynamics of immune cells in humans: mechanistic modelling of deuterium labelling data
12:15 John Paul Gosling, University of Leeds
Uses and abuses of Bayesian statistics
12:45 Lunch
14:30 Rob de Boer, Universiteit Utrecht
Simple models for complex T cell repertoires
15:00 Mariona Baliu Piqué, UMC Utrecht
In vivo labelling studies: From infection to T cell reconstitution
15:30 Break
16:00 Christoph Niederalt, Bayer AG
Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling of biologics
16:30 Julia Newton-Bishop, Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology
Understanding melanoma/host interactions using transcriptomics
Thursday 20 April
09:30 Pedro Gonçalves, Institut Pasteur
CD8+ T cells showed an extensive TCR repertoire diversity and cross-reactivity with an exquisite specificity on immune response
10:00 José Faro, University of Vigo
A unifying mathematical framework for experimental TCR-pMHC kinetic rates
10:30 Break
11:00 Rhodri Ceredig, NUI Galway
IL-7/Flt3L- the Yin/Yang of two cytokines affecting hematopoiesis/lymphopoiesis
11:45 Hyun Park, NIH, USA
IL-7 receptor signaling in T cell development and homeostasis
12:30 Lunch
14:30 Thomas Höfer, DKFZ Heidelberg
Barcoding and modeling hematopoeisis
15:00 Leïla Perié, Institut Curie
Deciphering the hematopoietic pathway at the single cell level: results from cellular barcoding
15:30 Break
16:00 Melania Barile, DKFZ Heidelberg
Modelling proliferation in the haematopoietic stem cells
16:30 Graham Cook, University of Leeds
Switching human natural killer (NK) cells on and off
18:00 QuanTI Supervisory Board Meeting
Friday 21 April
09:30 Carmen Molina-París, University of Leeds
Quorum sensing in CD4 T cell populations: statistical analysis and a mathematical model
10:00 Giulio Prevedello, NUI Maynooth
Independent and linear integration of co-stimulatory signals for cytotoxic T cells
10:30 Break
11:00 Harry Tideswell, NUI Maynooth
Nonparametric multivariate survival analysis of activated lymphocyte cell fates
11:30 Tomer Granot, Columbia University
Dendritic cell maturation in human tissues: a quantitative analysis
12:15 Lunch / End of conference


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