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Yaxuan Yu

Yaxuan Yu

Early Stage Researcher / PhD student

National University Of Ireland, Galway
School of Mathematics, Statistics & Applied Mathematics
Galway, Ireland

email: Yuyaxuan0 @


Short biography

Research assistant in Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany. Master in Bonn University, Germany. Bachelor in Northeastern University, China.

QuanTI research project

T cell receptor profiling specialized in evaluation of CD8+ T cell numbers and repertories

The first stage of our research is pre-processing, which is focusing on developing a robust bioinformatics pipeline for quality assurance of high throughput sequencing data of TCRs. Namely, developing algorithms to remove artificial TCR diversity which may be caused by sequencing errors. Furthermore, this pipeline would involve identification, classification and quantification of T cell clones for the analysis of deep TCR sequencing data. Statistical models would be applied on the pre-processed data from previous stage, and this can give us a better insight of the immune challenge of TCRs. The ultimate objective of our project would be developing novel and contribute to existing bio-informatics tool and resources for analysis of deep TCR sequencing data.


Prof. Cathal Seoighe



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