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Mariona Baliu Pique

Mariona Baliu Pique

Laboratory of Translational Immunology
University Medical Center Utrecht
KC 02.046.0, Lundlaan 6
UTRECHT, the Netherlands

Short biography

I obtained my MSc. degree in Translational Medicine (2014), my thesis was focused in the identification and characterisation of the immune cells that produce IFN-g and IL-17 in the brain following experimental stroke, and I completed my BSc. studies in Molecular Biotechnology (2013) at the university of Barcelona (UB).

Currently I am a PhD student working on the quantification of lymphocyte dynamics by in vivo labelling at the UMC Utrecht. My scientific interests are related to immunology and the immune system alterations during disturbed situations.

My hobbies are reading, volleyball, hiking and travelling.

QuanTI research project

Quantification of lymphocyte dynamics by in vivo labelling

Our project is aimed at quantify of the proliferation and death rates of defined lymphocyte populations in vivo, during healthy ageing and during immune reconstitution, in mice and men, using stable isotope labelling techniques.


Dr. José Borghans and Dr. Kiki Tesselaar (UMCU)


Baliu-Piqué M, Jusek G, Holzmann B. Neuroimmunological communication via CGRP promotes the development of a regulatory phenotype in TLR4-stimulated macrophages. Eur J Immunol. 2014 Dec; 44(12):3708-16.



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