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Giulio Prevedello

Giulio Prevedello

Early Stage Researcher / PhD student

Hamilton Institute
Maynooth University
Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

email: Giulio.Prevedello @

Short biography

Giulio obtained the B.Sc. Pure and Applied Mathematics at Università di Padova (Italy, 2012); his interest in probability theory led him to accomplish the M.Sc. Probability Theory and Random Models at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France, 2014), where he had the opportunity to carry out an internship as research assistant with Prof. F. Roueff at Télécom-Paristech (France, 2014) focused on Hawkes Processes models. During his studies, Giulio has developed a strong interest in theoretical and applied probabilities, random models, statistics, data analysis and machine learning.

QuanTI research project

Can T cell signal integration be understood through competing stochastic processes?

Test the hypothesis that T cell signal integration during an adaptive immune response should be viewed as impacting upon the parameters of stochastic programmes for times to differentiation, death and division fates; determine the impact of various signals on this stochastic machinery in order to develop an appropriate paradigm for identifying signal manipulation to achieve desirable population-level outcomes of cell-type distribution and of total cell numbers.


Prof. Ken Duffy, Hamilton Institute



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