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Ali Can Sahilloglu

Ali Can Sahilloglu (Turkey)

Early Stage Researcher / PhD student

yNetherlands Cancer Institute 
Immunology Department
Postbus 90203 1006 BE Amsterdam
The Netherlands

October 2013 - September 2016



After receiving his B.Sc. degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Ali continued his Master’s studies in Nesrin Ozoren’s Lab at the same institute.

QuanTI Research project

Superior Lineage Tracing Methods
Rate of scientific progress is limited by scientists’ imagination, and their research tools. My research interest is to develop novel methods to reveal the underlying mechanisms of heterogeneity in T-cell and cancer cell populations. Methods being used to track down the fate of individual “cell families” are referred to as lineage tracing tools. Over the past few years, exciting lineage tracing techniques have been produced in Schumacher Lab and by others. An in-house produced lineage tracing method, named DNA-barcoding, makes use of retroviral delivery of random DNA sequences into transduced cells. These DNA barcodes are stably integrated into the genome of cells. Subsequently, the progeny of each cell clone can be analyzed by deep-sequencing to reveal the number of cells carrying a specific DNA-barcode. In parallel work, the group of Busch has pioneered the use of congenic markers to analyze and sort individual cell clones. Furthermore, also Cre/loxP based systems for stochastic generation of fluorescent protein combinations have been generated, enabling the visualisation  of individual cells in brain, or to track cell fate. Each of these systems have their advantages and inherent weaknesses. My goal is to examine the potential of novel lineage tracing methods that combine the advantages of individual methods. This system would have the potential to be used in the analysis of T-cell and cancer heterogeneity, stem cell research, biomarker discovery and brain connectome studies.


Prof. Ton Schumacher



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