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Network Overview 2013 - 2017


The primary objective of the Quantitative T cell Immunology (QuanTI) Initial Training Network (ITN) was to train a new generation of European quantitative immunologists, who will be able to address challenges arising in Systems Immunology. This was achieved with the QuanTI Network, which trained 11 ESRs and 4 ERs, bringing together renowned experimental and theoretical scientists from private and academic institutions. Health and disease are regulated, to a large extent, by our immune system. A quantitative approach to Immunology must not only integrate a wide range of biological data but also increase our understanding of immunological processes at all levels of organisation. This was achieved by exploiting state-of-the-art knowledge and technology of the academic and industrial partners.

The scientific programme of this Network consisted of 6 research Work Packages (WP) and focussed on one of the current challenges in Systems Immunology: the dynamics of T cells in the periphery. Specifically the Network aimed to provide a coherent multi-scale framework to: (i) the establishment and diversity of the T cell pool in the periphery, and (ii) the differentiation programme of T cell populations during adaptive immune responses. Synthesising models and immunological data poses a challenge that cannot be successfully managed by immunologists, mathematicians, computer scientists or physicists on their own. QuanTI will provide an excellent multi-disciplinary and inter-sectorial research environment to train a new generation of quantitative immunologists. This ITN will strongly advance the development of new quantitative concepts to characterise, and therapeutically modify, immune responses. In a wider context, QuanTI provides a model for a new, hands-on inter-disciplinary and inter-sectorial training programme in biomedical sciences that will catalyse the progress from a qualitative, molecule-oriented approach to a quantitative, systems-level research strategy.

The final report summary gives more information on the network.

The QuanTI Network received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement number 317040.

Information on the network can also be found on the EU CORDIS website.

Network events

Closing Conference hosted by University of Leeds, 19-21 April 2017

Hosted by

This was the final event of the network and it was hosted and organised by the University of Leeds.

The meeting comprised of network fellows and partners giving presentations to publicise their research achievements, as well as featured talks by international researchers.


Industrial Workshop hosted by AstraZeneca, 21-22 September 2016

Hosted by


The second Industrial Workshop of the network was hosted by AstraZeneca, and took place at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute in Cambridge.

It comprised of two training sessions for the fellows, and a symposium for external participants as well as for members of the network.


Spring School hosted by Unilever, 17-18 March 2016

Spring School

This two-day spring school was hosted by Unilever and organised by UMC Utrecht and Universiteit Utrecht.

The theme was "Lymphocyte Dynamics" and consisted of several presentations by leading researchers in the field, a hands-on modelling session, and time for the fellows to present their own work.


Complementary Skills Training Workshop hosted by Unilever, 16 March 2016

Hosted by


The last skills training workshop of the network was hosted by Unilever and organised by the University of Leeds. It featured sessions on CVs and interviews, and how to start a business.


Industrial Workshop hosted by Bayer Technology Services GmbH, Leverkusen,
19 - 20 October 2015

Hosted by


The first Industrial Workshop was organised and hosted by Bayer Technology Services GmbH.

It was a two-day workshop and consisted of sessions on communicating in teams, and an introduction to the pharma industry.


Complementary Skills Training Workshop hosted by Microsoft Research, Cambridge, 3 June 2015

Skills training workshop

This one-day workshop was organised by Leeds and hosted by Microsoft Research, Cambridge.

There were sessions on Programming Biology and how to write a research paper.


Winter School on "Molecular Networks in Innate and Adaptive Immunology" hosted by DKFZ Heidelberg, 14 - 15 January 2015

Hosted by


This school was organised and hosted by DKFZ Heidelberg. The special focus of this training event was on the mathematical modelling of molecular regulatory networks in immune cells and bridging the scales from molecular regulation to lymphocyte population dynamics. The school featured lectures, tutorials and hands-on experimental sessions.


Mid-Term Review Meeting, Heidelberg, 13 January 2015

The mid-term review meeting of the QuanTI network was held on 13 January 2015 at DKFZ Heidelberg, and was an opportunity to review the first 20 months of the network.


Complementary Skills Training Workshop hosted by University of Leeds,
23 - 26 September 2014

Hosted by

This four-day workshop was organised and hosted by Leeds. The workshop was devoted to advanced hands-on courses on different key scientific and computational aspects of the ITN research programme, such as courses on Matlab, Python and R. The training also included sessions on generic skills - presentions skills, outreach activities skills etc.


QuanTI Annual Meeting, NUI Galway, 25 June 2014

Galway Meeting

The QuanTI Annual Network meeting was hosted by NUI, Galway and was held on 25 June 2014.

The work programme of the meeting included talk sessions complemented by questions and discussion. The focus was on network research where researchers from different partner institutions presented their on-going research.


Summer School in "Quantitative Immunology" hosted by National University of Ireland Galway, 23 - 24 June 2014

Hosted byorganizing partner

This Summer School was a part of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network QuanTI training programme. The two-day workshop included lectures from leading experimental, mathematical and computational immunologists as well as practical sessions on the analysis of T cell receptor diversity from high throughput sequencing data and analysis of stochastic cell fate models.

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QuanTI Fellows' Meeting, University of Leeds, 5 March 2014

QFM A QuanTI fellows' meeting was held on 5th March, 2014, at the University of Leeds, UK

The meeting was informal and aimed to bring together all the Marie Curie researchers from QuanTI network.


Inaugural Meeting, NUI Maynooth, 29 - 30 August 2013

QuanTI group photo

The inaugural meeting of the QuanTI network was held at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth on 29 and 30 August 2013.

Speakers: Bernard Mahon, Paul Moynagh, Philip Hodgkin, Aridaman Pandit, Shalin Naik, Walt Mankowski, José Borghans, Ton Schumacher, Thomas Eissing, Becca Asquith, Grant Lythe, Michael Davies, Ines Amado, Cathal Seoighe, Ken Duffy


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