North British Differential Equations Seminar

Past NBDES Lecturers

Prof G. Fichera Rome 1972
A. Pleijel Uppsala 1973  
H.Brezis Paris 1975  
T. Brooke Benjamin Oxford 1975  
J.K Hale Brown 1976  
H. Amann Zurich 1977  
W. Wendland Darmstadt 1977  
K.Schmitt Utah 1979  
J.L. Lions Paris 1980  
O. Oleinik Moscow 1981  
P. Fife Arizona 1982  
J. Smoller Michegan 1983  
J. Toland Bath 1983  
J.P Keener Utah 1984  
R.Temam Paris 1984  
D.Joseph Minnesota 1985  
J. Keener Utah 1991/92  
V. Arnold Moscow 1992/93  
Miguel Escobedo País Vasco 1992/93  
L. Nirenberg Courant 1993/94  
H. Othmer Utah 1993/94  
J. B. McLeod Oxford 1994/95  
M. Hirsch Berkeley 1994/95  
M. Kruskal 1994/95  
Stephen Childress Courant 1995/96  
N. Trefethen Cornell 1995/96  
C. Grebogi Maryland 1995/96 Details of the tour
G. Sivashinsky Tel-Aviv Sep 1997 Details of the tour
Gregory A. Kriegsmann UCLA Oct-Nov 1997 Details of the tour
L.E. Fraenkel Bath May 1998  
V. Rom-Kedar Rehovot 2002/03 Details of Prof. Rom-Kedar's tour  
A. Friedman Ohio 2002/03 Prof. Friedman's talks
C.K.R.T. Jones Chapel Hill May/June 2004  
George Papanicolau Stanford May/June 2005 Details of the tour
Gérard Iooss Nice Oct/Nov 2006 Prof Iooss' talks
Bob Pego Carnegie-Mellon Nov 2008 Prof. Pego's talks
Eitan Tadmor Maryland Nov 2010 Prof. Tadmor's talks
Eliot Fried McGill Nov 2010 Prof. Fried's abstracts
  • 19 Oct University of Glasgow
    Transformations between the isotropic and uniaxial nematic phases of a liquid crystal
  • 24 Oct University of Strathclyde
    Wrinkling of a stretched thin sheet
  • 25 Oct University of Edinburgh
    Slender body theory via dimensional reduction and hyperviscous regularization
  • 29 Oct University of Leeds
    Stability and bifurcation in a simple model for shape changes in discoidal HDL
  • 31 Oct University of Manchester
    Wrinkling of a stretched thin sheet
Marshall Slemrod Wisconsin-Madison Mar 2014 abstracts
  • 12 March 2014 University of Stracthclde
    15:30-16:30. [Colloquium talk]
    From Boltzmann to Euler: Hilbert's 6th problem revisited
    This talk addresses the hydrodynamic limit of the Boltzmann equation, namely the compressible Euler equations of gas dynamics. An exact summation of the Chapman-Enskog expansion originally given by Gorban and Karlin is the key to the analysis. An appraisal of the role of viscosity and capillarity in the limiting process is then given where the analogy is drawn to the limit of the Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers equations.
  • 12 March 2014 University of Stracthclde
    17:00-18:00. [Applied Analysis talk]
    Thermal creep of a rarefied gas on the basis of non-linear Korteweg-theory (with Yong-Jung Kim and Mingi Lee)
    The study of thermal transpiration or more commonly called thermal creep is accomplished by use of Korteweg's theory of capillarity. Incorporation of this theory into the balance laws of continuum mechanics allows resolution of boundary value problems via solutions to systems of ordinary differential equations. The problem was originally considered by J.C. Maxwell in his classic 1879 paper In that paper Maxwell derived what is now called the Burnett higher order contribution to the Cauchy stress. But Maxwell was not able to solve his newly derived system of partial differential equations. We note that a more appropriate higher order contribution to the Cauchy stress follows from Korteweg's 1901 theory. The appropriateness of Korteweg's theory is based on the exact summation of the Chapman-Enskog expansion given by A. Gorban and I. Karlin. The resulting balance laws are solved exactly, qualitatively, and numerically and the results are qualitatively similar to the numerical and exact results given by Aoki et al, Loyalka et al., and Struchtrup et al.
  • 13 March 2014, ICMS Edinburgh
    From Boltzmann to Euler: Hilbert's 6th problem revisited
Paul Martin Colorado School of MinesJan-Feb 2015hover for abstracts
Electronic versions of talks:
Acoustic and electric Faraday cages
Internal gravity waves and hyperbolic boundary-value problems