FP7, Marie Curie Actions, People, International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)

INTI: International Network in Theoretical Immunology

EU Partner organisations:

Institut Pasteur (France)
Universität Magdeburg (Germany)
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig (Germany)
Universiteit Utrecht (Netherlands)
Instituto Gulbenkian (Portugal)
Universidad de Vigo (Spain)
Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Spain)
University of Leeds (UK)
University of Glasgow (UK)
University of Oxford (UK)
University College London (UK)

Non-EU Partner organisations:

WEHI Melbourne (Australia)
University of British Columbia (Canada)
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (India)
University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)
Wake Forest University (USA)

Some Publications authored by network members

  • Stochastic competitive exclusion in the maintenance of the naive T cell repertoire
    Emily Stirk, Grant Lythe, Hugo van den Berg and Carmen Molina-París
  • The limiting conditional distribution in a stochastic model of T cell repertoire maintenance
    Emily Stirk, Grant Lythe, Hugo van den Berg, Gareth Hurst and Carmen Molina-París
  • O. Dushek, R. Das and D. Coombs. A role for rebinding in rapid and reliable T cell responses to antigen PLoS Computational Biology, 5(11):e1000578 DOI:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000578
  • M. Aleksic, O. Dushek, H. Zhang, E. Shenderov, J.-L. Chen, V. Cerundolo, D. Coombs and P.A. van der Merwe. Dependence of T cell antigen recognition on TCR/pMHC confinement time Immunity Volume 32, Issue 2, 26 February 2010, Pages 163-174
  • Banishree Saha and Dipankar Nandi Farnesyltransferase inhibitors reduce Ras activation and ameliorate acetaminophen-induced liver injury in mice. Hepatology (2009) 50: 1547 ~V 1557
  • Asma Ahmed, Sambuddho Mukherjee, Dipankar Nandi Intracellular concentrations of Ca2+ modulate the strength of signal and alter the outcomes of CTLA4 (CD152)-CD80/CD86 interactions in CD4+ T lymphocytes. Immunology (2009) 126: 363 ~V 377
  • Anujith Kumar, Manoj Bhosale, Surendranath Reddy, N. Srinivasan and Dipankar Nandi Importance of non-conserved distal carboxyl terminal amino acids in two peptidases belonging to the M1 family: Thermoplasma acidophilum Tricorn interacting factor F2 and Escherichia coli Peptidase N. Biochimie (2009) 91: 1145-1155
  • Anujith Kumar, Surendranath Reddy, N. Srinivasan and Dipankar Nandi Interaction between two residues in the inter-domain interface of Escherichia coli Peptidase N modulates catalytic activity. Peptides and Protein Letters (2009) 16: 415 - 422
  • Fumagalli S, Coles JA, Ejlerskov P, Ortolano F, Bushell TJ, Brewer JM, De Simoni MG, Dever G, Garside P, Maffia P, Carswell HV In vivo real time multiphoton imaging of T lymphocytes in mouse brain after experimental stroke. Stroke In Press, 2011.
  • Garside P, Brewer J. In vivo imaging of infection immunology--4I's! Semin Immunopathol. 2010;32:289-96. Platt AM, Gibson VB, Patakas A, Benson RA, Nadler SG, Brewer JM, McInnes IB, Garside P. Abatacept limits breach of self-tolerance in a murine model of arthritis via effects on the generation of T follicular helper cells. J Immunol. 2010;185:1558-67.
  • Millington OR, Brewer JM, Garside P, Maffia P. Imaging interactions between the immune and cardiovascular systems in vivo by multiphoton microscopy. Methods Mol Biol. 2010;616:193-206.
  • Ortolano F, Maffia P, Dever G, Rodolico G, Millington OR, De Simoni MG, Brewer JM, Bushell TJ, Garside P, Carswell HV. Advances in imaging of new targets for pharmacological intervention in stroke: real-time tracking of T-cells in the ischaemic brain. Br J Pharmacol. 2010;159:808-11.
  • Rush CM, Millington OR, Hutchison S, Bryson K, Brewer JM, Garside P. Characterization of CD4+ T-cell-dendritic cell interactions during secondary antigen exposure in tolerance and priming. Immunology. 2009;128:463-71.
  • Ortolano F, Maffia P, Dever G, Hutchison S, Benson R, Millington OR, De Simoni MG, Bushell TJ, Garside P, Carswell HV, Brewer JM. Imaging T-cell movement in the brain during experimental cerebral malaria. Parasite Immunol. 2009;31:147-50.
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