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INTI: International Network in Theoretical Immunology

EU Partner organisations:

Institut Pasteur (France)
Universität Magdeburg (Germany)
Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Braunschweig (Germany)
Universiteit Utrecht (Netherlands)
Instituto Gulbenkian (Portugal)
Universidad de Vigo (Spain)
Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Spain)
University of Leeds (UK)
University of Glasgow (UK)
University of Oxford (UK)
University College London (UK)

Non-EU Partner organisations:

WEHI Melbourne (Australia)
University of British Columbia (Canada)
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (India)
University of Auckland (New Zealand)
Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)
Wake Forest University (USA)

Some Activities in 2009

  • Daniel Coombs (UBC) visited Oxford in May 2009 to give a seminar, to work on a manuscript, and to explore further collaboration. Omer Dushek (Oxford), visited the University of British Columbia in July/Sept 2009 to 1) Attend the Annual Meeting of the Society of Mathematical Biology where he organized a minisymposium on "Reactions at the cell membrane" that included 8 speakers and 2) for a collaboration with Daniel Coombs on the topic of how T cell receptor - peptide-MHC bond reaction parameters determine T cell activation.
  • Carmen Molina-París (Leeds) visited Dipankar Nandi (Bangalore)
  • Grant Lythe (Leeds) visited Dipankar Nandi (Bangalore)
  • Carmen Molina-París (Leeds) visited Phil Hodgkin (WEHI)
  • Jose Faro (PI) and Bernardo von Haeften (postdoc) visited the group of Alan Perelson at LANL (NM, USA) in April/May for 2 and 4 weeks, respectively. They worked there in implementing methods for calculating parameter synergies in 3 alternative models of the germinal centre (GC) dynamics. The aim was to understand which processes are key players in determining the lifetime of GCs. JF delivered a seminar to the group of AP, discussing the results obtained to that date with respect to the GC synergy analysis. Discussions with people in the Perelson's group, like Rui Ribeiro, led to a refinement of the analysis by applying the method of LHS (latin hypercube sampling). It also led to a collaborative work between Rui and Bernardo to analyse parameters synergy in a model of the dynamics of HIV infection using the same methodology followed for GCs.
  • Grant Lythe (Leeds) visited Phil Hodgkin (WEHI)
  • Robin Callard (UCL) visited James Sneyd (Auckland)
  • Rob J De Boer (Utrecht) visited Ruy Ribeiro and Alan Perelson (Los Alamos)
  • visit by D. Coombs to Oxford university / van der Merwe group (May 4-8)
    Seminar in Pathology and a seminar in the Mathematical Biology group.
  • visits by O. Dushek from Oxford to UBC (collaboration on stochastic techniques, parameters governing cellular activation) May, July - August and Dec 8 - Jan 17, 2010.
    1. Invited speaker in an international symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Medicine,organized by Centre for Molecular Medicine, JNU, New Delhi and Uppsala University, Sweden, Feb 13-14. Delivered talk entitled, Roles of Ras activation during inflammatory responses.~T
    2. Delivered two talks entitled The arsenals of the adaptive immune system.at the lecture workshop on Immunology in health and disease~T organized by Maharani Ammani College, Malleswaram, Bangalore and Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore meeting on Feb 26.
    3. Delivered talk on The adaptive immune response on March 2, at S.V. University, Tirupati.
    4. Talk on The Immune Responseand interacting with students enrolled in the Project oriented Biological Education (POBE) program, JNC, Jakkur, Bangalore on June 25.
    5. Talk on Immune system: an evolutionary perspective,on Sept 5, at NMRV College, Jayanagar, Bangalore as part of Indian Academy of Science sponsored two day lecture workshop on Integrated approach towards understanding Darwinism.~T
    6. Invited talk on Ras activation during Interferon-gamma responses and acetaminophen-induced liver damage, in VIT on Nov 27, in a meeting organized by the Society of Biotechnology.
    7. Invited talk on Roles of Ras activation during Interferon-gamma responses and acetaminophen-induced liver damage, on Dec 19 in IMMUNOCON 2009, 36th annual conference of Indian Immunology Society organized y NIMHANS, Bangalore-560012.
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