BBSRC MATSYB network  I2M: Immunology, Imaging and Modelling

Theoretical and Experimental Immunology

Second Summer School: 13-17 Sep 2010. School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

  • 10:00 Joanna Lewis
    Statistical modelling of CD4+ T cell reconstitution following ART treatment of children with HIV
  • 11:30 Andrew Phillips
    Computational Modelling of MHC class I Antigen Presentation
  • lunch
  • 14:00  Stuart Barber
    Multivariate Statistics 1: Two variables or 20 - what's the difference?
  • 15:30  Soumyendu Raha
    Chemical Langevin equations

  • 10:00  Stuart Barber
    Multivariate Statistics 2: Discrimination, difference, and natural groups
  • 11:30 Short talks
    • James Currie
      Stochastic models of APC-TCR interactions
    • Mark Day
      Stochastic dynamics in the lymph node
    • Kieran Alden
      Simulating the Development of Peyers Patches
  • lunch at Thai Edge
  • 14:00 Short talks
    • Manoj Bhosale
      Studies on roles of catalytic activity Peptidase N encoded by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium during mice infection
    • Julia Drylewicz
      ODE models and HIV
    • Katharina Kopp
      Applications of Learning Dynamic Bayesian Networks in Immunology
    • Richard Alun Williams
      In Silico Experimentation using a Simulator of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis
    • Antonio E. Serrano
      Interleukin 10 decreases MICA expression on melanoma cell surface
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