MATH1220: Introduction to Geometry

Module details: 2004--05

The module description and reading list. Some further reading.

This module is now finished, but you might be interested in some of the links below.

Handout giving details of completing the square to get standard forms for the conics

Picture of conic sections in gif format

Maple demonstration

To download the Maple demonstration on conics right click on the link below and select `Save Link As' or `Save Target As ...' to save the file to your home directory. Then open it in Maple, choosing `Maple text' if asked when you open it. Then run it, by clicking on each line starting > in turn. For the animations, right click on initial graph and choose `play'. Please e-mail me to tell me if this works for you or not. Conics demonstration: right click to save as above

More on conics

Conic sections from Mathworld Follow the links for more information on each one.


Platonic solids from Mathworld You can drag the pictures to rotate them and follow links for more information on each one.

A proof that there are only 5 convex regular polyhedra plus more, including how to make them!

General polyhedra page at Mathworld

Buckminster Fuller Genius and visionary or just some crazy guy? Follow the links to domes.

Eden project More domes.


Measuring the circumference of the Earth
Thales' Measurement of the height of a pyramid

Fake Moon Landings

Faked moon landings Did NASA fake the moon landings?

The site above contains arguments using geometry. Is it right?