MATH1220: Further Reading

1. Peter R. Cromwell, Polyhedra, Cambridge University Press 1997. A very accessible book on Polyhedra.

2. C.G. Gibson, Elementary Geometry of Differentiable Curves, Cambridge University Press 2001. A hands-on introduction to the study of curves using calculus.

3. Kai Hauser and Reinhard Lang, On the geometrical and physical meaning of Newton’s Solution to Kepler’s problem, Mathematical Intelligencer, Vol. 25 no. 4, p35--44. This is a very recent article in a very good mathematics journal. Many of the articles are quite hard for undergraduates but this one (also bit hard!) is worth a look. You will find this journal on Level 8 of the library.

4. Leonard Mlodinow, Euclid’s window : the story of geometry from parallel lines to hyperspace, Allen Lane 2002. A popular science book on geometry which gets into physics at the end.

5. John Oprea, Differential Geometry and its Applications, Prentice Hall 1997. It introduces curves and surfaces using Maple to calculate and graph. 6. John Roe, Elementary Geometry, Oxford Science Publications. Lots of interesting stuff here.

7. Jeffrey R. Weeks, The shape of space : how to visualize surfaces and threedimensional manifolds, M. Dekker, c. 1985. This is an accessible and interesting book.