MATH 0212: Elementary Integral Calculus

Module details: 2008--09

Module manager: Professor J.C. Wood, School of Mathematics.

Lectures:Three sessions per week, which may be lectures or examples classes, all compulsory:

Tuesdays: 0900--1000, Roger Stevens LT 18
Wednesdays: 1200--1300, Roger Stevens LT 24
Thursdays: 0900--1000, Roger Stevens LT 18

Module description:

Pre-requisite qualifications: MATH0111 or equivalent.

This module is approved as an Elective

Module summary: A basic Pure Maths course for students who have not done A-level Mathematics.

Objectives: To teach basic mathematics up to A-level standard.

Syllabus: The concept of integration as anti-differentiation, and the fundamental theorem of the calculus. Indefinite and definite integrals. Area under a curve. Techniques of integration, including by substitution, by parts and by partial fractions. Applications of integration, including volumes of revolution. Equations of circles. Binomial theorem, Pascal's triangle, sine and cosine rules.

Reference book: L. Bostock and S. Chandler, Core Maths for Advanced level, Stanley Thornes (Publishers) Ltd, 3rd edition (2000).

Private Study: For each hour of lecture/examples class, you are expected to spend two hours in private study.

Extra help: Please e-mail me for an appointment, if you want some help.
In the summer vacation 2009, I shall be away 27 June -- 12 July and 7--16 August

Homeworks: There will be eight homeworks, which will count 15% towards the final assessment. Deadlines for homework will be advertised in lectures and on the course website:

which should also be accessible from Blackboard - VLE:
Copies of these sheets are also available in the large pigeonholes near the Undergraduate Office, level 8, Mathematics.

Past papers Available from

Check sheets for the 2007 and 2008 exams are now on Blackboard VLE

Formula Sheet

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