MATH 3112: Differential Geometry 1 (level 3)
MATH 5031M: Differential Geometry 2 (level 4)

Module details: 2007--08

The module descriptions: levels 3 and 4 and reading lists: level 3 | level 4.

This course built on MATH 2051: Geometry of Curves and Surfaces. Click here to go to the home page of that course for the lecture notes.


Epitrochoids: Maple worksheet
Click here for an animation of the cycloid family of curves including epitrochoids
Lots more curves and animations
A picture of the torus in Euclidean 3-space
Animation of the deformation of the helicoid to the catenoid
Another animation of the deformation of the helicoid to the catenoid
A text file with one line of Maple code to do the animation yourself Open Maple, open the text file and paste the command into the Maple window. Then click to run Maple.
Cylindrical projections including Mercator's projection
Equiareal projections
Poincaré hyperbolic disc