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See below for SPECIALIST SEMINARS on Computability, Models, Proofs and Philosophy

Department of Pure Mathematics
Logic Seminar 2015

April 22nd
- Joint with Algebra, Logic and Algorithms Seminar

James Mitchell
(University of St. Andrews)
Effective Computation with Finite Semigroups
April 29th

Imre Leader
(Cambridge University)
The Continuous Homomorphism Problem
May 6th
- Joint with Algebra, Logic and Algorithms Seminar

Einar Steingrimsson
(University of Strathclyde)
The Topology and Möbius Function of the Permutation Pattern Poset
May 13th

Anton Setzer
(Swansea University)
Pattern and Copattern Matching [view SLIDES]
May 20th
- Joint with Algebra, Logic and Algorithms Seminar, in Engineering (Houldsworth) Building, Lecture Theatre E - note room-change.

Heribert Vollmer
(University of Hanover)
Team-based Logics on Kripke Structures
May 27th
- at 3:15-4:45pm in Baines Wing G.36 - Joint with the Centre for History and Philosophy of Science (HPP) & the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind (CMM) - note change of time and place

Catarina Dutilh Novaes
(University of Groningen)
Reductio Proofs From A Dialogical Perspective
June 17th
- Joint with Algebra, Logic and Algorithms Seminar

Ilario Bonacina
(Sapienza University of Rome)
Strong Size Lower bounds in Resolution via Games

All seminars, except where otherwise indicated, will be at 4pm in the Engineering (Houldsworth) Building, Lecture Theatre B.

Tea from 3.30pm will also be in the Engineering Building (Staff Common Room 3.09 on the 3rd floor) - all welcome.

Seminar organiser - Nicola Gambino

January 21st

Hector Zenil
(Karolinska Institute & Oxford University)
Numerical Approximations to Uncomputable Complexity Functions
January 28th

Alex Simpson
(Edinburgh University)
Independence Set Theory and Randomness
February 4th

Alessandro Berarducci
(University of Pisa)
Hardy Fields, Surreal Numbers, Derivations
February 11th

Krzysztof Krupiński
(University of Wroclaw)
Profinite Groups and Rings From Some Model-Theoretic Perspectives
February 18th
- Joint with Algebra, Logic and Algorithms Seminar

Leonid Libkin
(Edinburgh University)
Homomorphism Preservation Theorems and Incomplete Information in Databases
February 25th

Thomas Streicher
(TU Darmstadt)
Computability for Basic Quantum Theory based on the Hilbert Lattice
March 11th

Boris Zilber
(Oxford University)
Geometric Dualities and Model Theory [view SLIDES]
March 18th
- Joint with Algebra, Logic and Algorithms Seminar

Christoph Wintersteiger
(Microsoft Research, Cambridge)
Exact Solutions to Floating-Point Arithmetic Formulas

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Specialist and Interdisciplinary Seminars

As well as the regular Logic Seminar, there are various specialist seminars associated with individual research subgroups, some of these held jointly with the Manchester logicians, or other departments. There is also a monthly Logic Reading Group which reads and discusses books on the history of logic, the role of logic in the world, and its interface with science.

Computability Seminar Model Theory: Seminar and Postgraduate Seminar (archive) Proof Theory & Constructivism Seminar/ LAMPASS archive

There are also seminars of interest to logicians held within the Computer Science and Philosophy departments -

See, for instance, the Philosophy Department Research Events Calendar.

The Logic and Language Discussion Group webapage has links to a range of philosophy seminars of possible interest to mathematicians, including the History and Philosophy of Science Centre Seminar Series and the Centre for Metaphysics and Mind Seminar Series.


(and past seminar archive)

also features talks of interest to logicians.

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